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Just thought I would contribute something and make use of myself heh. Here's an old one of mine, inspired by a random poster that caught my eye...Oh, and mind the Title "Erik", it was an accident as I was indecisive to what I would share first, but failed to change the title. :P

The title really is "13 Wolves"

In towers of Gaia
Skyscrappers that rise to Apollo’s pride
We see the ancestors
Through psychometric visions
Foreign, but why?
Your prominent statue state
A freezeframe through the perception of time
Eyes, pools of conspiracy
A sweeping gaze, so vivid
Yet yield optical illusions
And struggle for persistance
Can you find 13 Wolves,
In that poster before your face?
13 phantasms, utilizing the beauty
Dual Monarchs lead their platoon
Of moon, sky, trees and snow
You succumb to that microcosm
Reality recoils, distractions arouse
Melt with me, darkest star
The father of which we revulse
Sing with me, Brightest moon
The mother of which we dream
When that pride sets between the trees
We shall no longer Forsake
That transcendent star has never failed us before
Forever conveying, exalted one


That was really good

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