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Guys pretending to be girls on the internet - Lesbian Ladies

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Ok so im fucking pissed. Ive been having some relationship problems lately, as everyone does n just wanted to chat to someone. I met this 'chic' on a chat room n we were just talking n got on the topic of my relationship, when they started to ask questions about my sexuality that had nothing to do with like 'Ohh do you want a male or female'. Then it started to get suss n i started to question whether they were a guy or girl. Then it came soon after.... 'Maybe you just need a big cock in you'. EXCUSE ME!?! Im a fucking lesbian does it look like a fuckin want a guy all ive been talking bout is chicks here, fucktard!!! ARhhhhh just makes me so angry the guy couldn't even be a decent human being n make me feel better about it all since Ive been really upset lately Anyway just needed to vent this out. Who else has had this happen to them before when a guy has pretended to be a girl to get some?


it's happened to me. a couple of times. i think that's true for anyone who goes online sort of looking. luckily most of the women i meet are quite real. if you want to talk about relationship problems (i'm an expert lol) you know where to find me.


i had kinda the opposite of what your title is. lol when i was trying to be straight i had a girl acutally pretend to be 4 different guys online. made myspace and facebook accounts for them. even asked me to introduce "him" to my friend. she did it to another girl and her friend. we finally got together and found her address and spoke to her mother and got her accounts deleted. it truly is scary how you couldnt even know if the person you are talking to is really who they say they are...


freals, i had this app on my ipod touch for girltalk, i had to delete it because it was just a bunch of guys pretending to be girls and asking for nudes, im like................ no thanks. and then my one friend was talking one one of them who was pretending to be a female haha the profile picture was of a black girl, but they sent a picture of a white pussy. im like wow lmao, and my friend asked why there was a white pussy, and their dumb excuse was..... oh i recently had my skin bleached... stupid!!


God damn. Theres no reason to repeat yourself when no one in here gives a fuck.
Since when did this group all of a sudden allow men?
Wtf is that bullshit?

Im gonna have a topic for this soon right after. To the chick that did this topic its happened to me before plenty of times. Men are just sick people thats it and thats all.
They think with their dick and its fucking disgusting.
For real they are a waste of time. To me they sicken me.
End of story cause every man is an asshole


Hey here are some tips for you that are interested in avoiding "males posing as lesbian females"
1. If a "female" starts hitting you up for sex less than a minute into a conversation block them or report them immediately.
2. Ignore and disregard any comments they make toward you.
3. Do not react or continue any conversation with them because all you are doing is encouraging it further.
4. Do not let it get to you and make you angry because they ain't worth it.

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