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i just came home last night from ny, i was so happy to see my boyfriend, so of course after putting my lil darling to bed i spent some "quality time" with my boo. something kept nagging at me to check his phone. now im not that kind of person but i checked it anyway....come to find out he's having sex with a girl i know, and he has also gotten someone pregnant. i woke him up full of rage and hurt feelings i asked him about the text messages as u would know he says idk what ur talking about, so i pulled out my phone and showed them to him i had forwarded the messages to my phone. he kept saying he's been trying to get me pregnant that he wouldnt do that to me but i dont believe him, i told him i'm leaving,that i would rather start over with just me and my daughter than be lied to and disrespected. after telling him how it was going to be he begged me to think it over....so ladies this is me thinking it over. idk what the future will bring if i walk away but atleast i'll know it wont have to be me wondering if my boyfriend of 6 years is cheating on me. i havent slept since the whole big blow up and i want to make sure im making the right choice....im still angry aww hell im livid, idk i just dont know.


dearest sierra brown, one can hopefully recoupe from a broken heart, but definately die of aids, please don,t go as one of my friends did, she gave her son aids, through a cut, of which she watched him die of, there after, she at least found a group, that is only aids possitive, as not to die alone, much more, trust is the greatest love,,,best wishes....journey


The hardest thing about being in long-term relationship with someone is to find out the hurtful truth about then cheating on you. It's hard to decide whether it's best to keep someone around if they knocked up someone but I also wonder if you think about your child and how he handles her so well (in which I pretty sure he takes good care of her.) I may be young but even now, I would think that it wouldn't be worth being with someone when you feel like you have known them for so long that they can go around be screw with someone else when they watch over your kid. I don't know if this will help but I hope you find the way to make the right decision but not for you but for your daughter. You want someone to be honest with you and honesty is what makes a relationship strong, if he has been keeping things from you, it needs to be talked out so that you will know for sure if the relationship is worth keeping but don't buy it the the petty talk if he's just going to keep saying, "I would never cheat on you, baby." You really gotta dig deep and if he can't tell you what you really want to know, get out while you still can. I hope things go well for you. Best of luck.


Sierra sweetie,
I spent 13 years in a marriage to a man who constantly cheated on me. I had a lesbian affair (I didn't realize I truly loved her), to try to show him how it felt. It backfired on me. I agree with Marketha and Tamika, You need to worry about what's good for you and your daughter. Whatever you do, DO NOT fall for the "Baby, I love you, I would never do that to you" line. Do what is Good for you and your daughter.
I hope things go well for you.


Aloha o na oi
Sierra, You are doing the right thing.
get away from him asap, now even. go to a womans emergancy shelter, freinds, family (yeh that might suck) anywhere but there.
and if he EVEN threatens any kine harm... 911 babe that is Domestice Violence right there!
and when things calm enough, like you are no longer around him, go to women helping women.. somthing like that if there is in you area, ask them for help in being able to gaining a TRO on him for your own safety.
even stuff like mind/psych/emotional abuse is Domestic Violence. if he stalls a lot or keeps you from (isolateds) yoour friends and family that too is Domestic Violence.
and what it all adds up to.. is that this guy is a creep and always will be.
keep your daughter away from him now, she will be safer from him later. less mind warping.
and like Tammy, oh she didn't say it (we friends) is that this BS is so subtle we do not even know it's going on until in a dire situation with police or everything on the way.

we have been through this before and it sucks.

ok enough ranting

please, get out of ther ow, kick him out and please get aTRO & show up for the hearings cause it gets dismissed for your no show.

♥♥ talk to us, we Are here for you too♥♥


thanks so much ladies, yes im planing on going but i have many things to secure b4 im on my mary way and yes he's a jerk no he doesnt really spend time with my daughter he's too busy running around. i stopped a lot of things for him and that was my fault but not n e more.....thanks u guys i dont have many friends out here where i live so i really appreciate it.


i am so gladd you are getting out of this mess.
and proud for you too♥♥♥

it does sound like he is controlling too.
that is one of the worst parts, giving up bits and pieces of ourselves without realizing we are doing it until lots later in life.
i so understand about having to take care of so many loose ends ;P done that too lol. but the mistake i did was to stick around while doing so until i could mmm "disappear". did that too and it was so wrong for both of us. Then.
but i couldn't talk about my stuff caue i didn't even know what my stuff was ;(
i do now. and teh funny thing is were are now good friends.
but, that is part of my story.. for later when you're ready ;p

take care of what you need to
and there is one thing i forgot about till minutes ago&gt&gt&gt&gt take care of the landlord. his place, your place, both on the lease... kinda depends on your exact situation of course but it can make a huge difference later

take care
and Blessings ♥♥♥


Dang! i'm wordy lol

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