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Your first time with a woman - Lesbian Ladies

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Lets all describe our first time with a woman, what we thought, what was going through our mind at the moment, and if we did it right.

Ill start by my first experience.

My first experience happened when i was 18 "or i think 19". She came out here to live with me and my fam for a while. I remember when i first saw her i thought "wow". We had our first date that same night as well. We went to the movies and everything went good. Before the movie i mentioned to her "that i have never kissed a woman let alone have sex with one". I kept giving her those hints. Lol why i did that, i was curious my first time kissing a woman. For the longest time ever since i was little ive always known i was attracted to the same sex.
Anywho, we finally kissed and she told me "no no you have do it like this", lol i remember thinking "oh crap i fucked up". I was soo nervous and alot was running through my mind =). We ended up having sex in that movie theatre, she fingered me and wow!!! Just wow, felt hella fucking good, i just remember sitting there thinking "holy fuck". Lol i tried so hard not to moan. We were sitting in back of at least a row of 10 people.
Its than that we decided to leave and go home.
We went home and one thing lead to another. This time the sex was serious =).
She went down on me and i can still to this day remember "is this right? Lol wow she sure answered my question quick if you know EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN ;-)

It led to more kissing and fingering again. "Sorry to be so explicit".
That happened and i decided "WTF ill please her =)". I was a curious beginner, so i wanted to know.

We kissed i pleased her and she stopped me midway saying "no babe your not supposed to do it like that and if you want to do it right you have to do it like to the beat of music or something". I felt like crap and just remember thinking "Alright i got this :-D"

Lol so i did and kept remembering what she had told me, not even a second later i had her cumming and moaning. I knew than that i did something right.
My first time as a beginner? Went good at first but second time around that night, i heard no complaints from her =)

Ps-This happened 7 years ago. We are not together anymore and iam single.
Ladys add me


i was 14 and i was foulin around with one of my best friends in her basement i didn't know what to think considerin i had never been with either man or woman lol


My first time I was 14 as well. Kinda strange because the year before she knew me but I had no idea who she was. And the same year we had sex I remember thinking at the beginning of the year how annoying she was. But the more she hung around the more we became friends and soon we were inseparable. Well after 2 months we accidentally kissed and realized we liked it so we kept doing it and so we started "dating" or what we thought dating was at that time. Two weeks later we wanted to have sex. So we were at my house and my parents were gone and we were suppose to be watching my brother.

We were so nervous that we had to turn the lights off to undress in front of each other. Finally we were laying down and started kissing and first I kissed down her body and wasn't actually sure what to do so I went back up. She flipped me on my back and did the same thing to me. Then she moved to a sitting position and I thought "why not" and started putting my fingers inside her. She started riding me and moaning and I told her to be quiet because my 12 year old brother was in the next room. The the phone rang and it was her mom saying her dad and sister were coming to get her so we had to stop.

We actually keep in contact to this day. Sadly she still wants me but I don't want her. She cheated on me with my cousin a year and a half later.


My first time with a woman?

I'll let you know when she comes to Los Angeles and we hook up, we're very attached now I'm sure anything and everything will happen when she comes.


Lynn, you have a cute story.


so Remrie, you have never had sex with a woman? I can't wait to hear about your first time.


me too... cant wait to hear that story..... hmmmm...


Lol my first time as mentioned was lol damn, I felt like a dummy cause i didnt know wtf was going on lol. Good times good times. A few months later that yr i found out she used one of my dads checks and wrote a false check in her name using her first name, her middle name and my last name in the amount of 325.50. Sadly to this day i can still remember how much that check was worth. We broke out into an argument and she said she needed to go for a walk that morning and never came back.

She hitch hiked past Lancaster Ca, and managed to hitch hike back to Arkansas. Where she was born and raised. I called the Arkansas police and notified them of the incident and as soon as she got there she was booked and placed into custody. Oh well she asked for it not me.

Last i heard from her was years ago. My ex thats out here in Cali "she used to live in the same city as i did, her name is Tanisha". I got with Tanisha and for some odd reason during sex we started talking about her cousin. She had told me what she looked like, her age, and she had a brother and a sister.

Surprisingly my ex from Arkansas has a brother and a sister. I thought for a min if Tanishas cousin was my ex because of how she was describing her personality.

I wont know for sure if my ex is Tanishas cousin.


My first time with a woman? I think i was 17 or 18. She was my first love! The best six years of my life. But anywayy, i had a lot of thoughts running thru my head that night. When she kissed, i was afraid she wasnt gonna like....lol. So if i was freaked about tha kiss, you can only imagine how i was when she went downtown.lol....NERVOUS AS HELL!!!

But my nerves calmed down a litlle bit but was still scared. Sooooo we getting in the groove, kissing more and feeling on each other. I let her finger me, but i didnt know what to expect but clearly she did something right bcuz i was screaming her name so loud and moaning like it was just her and me in the neighborhood =)....lol. Anywayy, when she gave me head, it was tha besssst feeling i had ever had. I was like beyond cloud 9 fa reals..lol

I knew i always liked women, this experience put the icing on the cake. ADD me ladies!!!


My first time was in a tent camping I was 15. My best friend and me were sharing a tent. I know i liked her but i didnt want to muck up ower friendship so i thought i would just keep it to myself. Anyways it was getting really cold so we got closer, this wasnt new we always slept close but this time she turned to me and put her face really close to mine and asked if she could kiss me. I didnt even answer i just kissed her. We didnt stop tell the sun came up. I wasnt really scared my first time cuz it just felt so right. We were together for 4 years but were still best friends.. Im single now so ADD me if you want.


My first time was terrible. It was my first girlfriend, and I was 16. This was both our first lesbian relationship, and she made me realize that I am gay. However, she caused so much drama in my life, and every other week she was breaking up with me. Anyways, we did not have sex all at one time, if that makes sense. The first time we had sex, she began by fingering me and I fingered her. I enjoyed pleasing her, but I did not enjoy it when she was fingering me. She just did not know how to touch me just right, and even after a year of our on-again off-again relationship she never could give me an orgasm. Then the first time she went down on me, she did not know how to do that either. Seriously, you try telling her what to do, and she didn't do it! Then she was nervous about me going down on her, so she never let me! So again, she never gave me an orgasm, and I know it is not that I could not have them! However, my most recent relationship however made up for all the lack of orgasms and I had some of the best sex I've ever experienced!


Well, my first time with a woman doing sexual things was uneventful. With my first GF 2 years ago. It diidn't amount to much, just some nipple play, we never had actual sex, and what we did do wasn't that great, she wanted to do more, but we hadn't been together long enough for me to go all the way.

So, I will talk about my 2nd time with a woman, about a year ago, I know I'm a late bloomer. But my first sexual encounter period was at 18, so yeah.... It was with a guy and was horrible... so yeah women are so much better... ::sighs:: My second time with a woman I had multiple orgasms and loved every second of it. It was at her families vacation house and it was just the two of us, thank god, because I'm not quiet.


My first time with a girl, I was 12 and she was 13. She had had MUCH more experience in all things sexual. I had been recently molested by my foster brother, and had gone through a parents seperation and moving to a new school in the middle of 7th grade. SO needless to say, this girl was my best friend, and I think my first love. So.....it was the middle of the summer, and for some reason I don't remember we had both decided to sleep naked after our shower, and we were sleeping in my sister's room which had a bigger bed. so we are laying there talking, and I was sooooo nervous. So she turned slightly to me, and all of a sudden I am on top of her, and I'm licking her breasts, and fingering her, and she tried to finger me back, but it kind of hurt. I don't even remember if I got her off, I know I didn't get off, but it was great because it was new and exciting!!! After that time we had sleep overs more often!!! But sadly, she was still dating other people (boys) while we were together, and I couldn't handle that, so after she slept with my sister, we pretty much stopped being friends even. Last time I saw her was when I was 18, and going to college, she had a 2 yr old son. SO I guess I wasn't that memorable to her, but she was my first, and I will always remember the sweaty nakedness of our first time!


i did my first experimentation w/ a woman at a very young age but i've never had sex with a woman by myself as i've gotten older ive done quite a few threesums (2 grls nd one guy) and my first girlfriend wasn't really much of a girlfriend nd we never had sex so to tell the truth im kinda nervous about what will soon be my first time...

is it just me or were any of u also nervous about your first times... and is there anything that i should really worry about


I had my first time a year ago, 20yrs old. It was AMAZING! I was in a long distance relationship, we met online, it was our first time meeting. Just her walking through my door was sooo nerve wrecking. I had never been with a girl before, not even kissed. So all I could think about was.. what I should do? just hug? kiss? what kind of kiss? Once we sat on the couch it was like all the nervousness went away, before long we were kissing, touching and caressing. It just came naturally, didnt have to think about it. It went from this, to that, to here and there, and to MMmmmmmmm n OOOOooooooO! Just remembering it is sending sensations through my body, lol a great first time


yeap, just natural


My first girlfriend we kinda just hung out it never really led to anything even though I liked her. And we didn't date that long,so I don't think the relationship was serious enough for sex.


My first time with a girl was pretty low-key. I was friends with this girl, and her mom was a lesbian. She was in the same grade as me, and she started passing me notes in the classes we had together. It was in grade 9, so I was like 15. She was super cute, and we started hanging out more, and hanging out at her place. One night, I was sleeping over at her place, and we were sitting up in her bed talking, and she just leaned close and kissed me.
She had the softest most kissable lips I had ever tasted up to then. We never made it far, we were both too shy, but we cuddled and made out a lot. Then she left for the Maritimes for a month and didn't talk to me at all while she was gone, and when she came back, she broke it off. It took me forever to get over her. But now I've moved on, and am in the best relationship of my life, and I'm getting married in just over a month!


My mom dropped me off at the theater, and my now ex and I saw two movies, ate, went to her house and watched Dane Cook upside down and she kissed me lol. First time in my life ever being kissed or anything of that sort lol.