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Jodi Picoult "house Rules" - Writers Nook

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okay in our world of vampire obsesed teens i am glad to say i am amune...i was also amune to the rowling pandemic so i wanted to dicuss a book that isnt a erotic book and isnt related to vampires.

it is a court room drama about an autistic kid with aspergers is acused of murder...i thought it was briliant and even though i worked out the "big twist" i still wanted to keep reading it...i also like the semi open ending does any one else read jodi picoult?


I love Jodi Picoult, she's the one author whose books keep me hanging on and leave me feeling satisfied. I've read pretty much everything she's written, bar 2 or 3 newer ones.


I've not read anything from this author yet but I'm certainly interested. One of my favorite authors has to be either Sue Monk Kid or Barbara Kingsolver. :3 Have you read any books from them?


nope but seroius question i cried at the film for my sisters keeper...not coz it was sad...it was pretty sad...but because the film ending did the book and jodi no justice....it was toooooooo predicable its the ending i thought the book would have before the twist what did you think?
i have only read:
my sisters keeper
the pact
the bgining of salem falls
ninteen minutes
house rules
and i plan to read tenth circle