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Why is it that breakups are so hard to stick with? Seriously. Maybe its me. I really really hate hurting peoples feelings. We broke up because she cheated on me. Then I went out and do what I always do after a breakup, I had a few one night stands. Honestly I was over her. I still loved her, but I was no longer in love with her. She talked me into getting back with her. I just really did not want to fight about it, I did not want to hurt her.

She was angry because i went out and fucked other people, after we broke up. Yet I was supposed to be over the fact that she did while we were still together. I tired to work it out with her. I thought my feelings would return for her. I told her today that I just didn't feel for her what I did. She took it so bad.

I just need to stay firm in my convictions. I don't stay with cheaters. Sure what I did might be wrong to some people( the fucking people so soon after the breakup), but that hurt no one but me. She said it was cheating. HaHa.

Why I am writing this I don't know, maybe I just need to hear what other people think. How do you walk away from someone you know is bad for you? How do you stay gone? How do you ignore the pain in their voice when you finally answer their phone call after dozens of calls?

I have moved on already. I am seeing a few people, nothing serious though. I do not want anything serious. Is it callus of me to be seeing other people so soon after our split?


she said it was cheating and you had already broken up? i so know that feeling.. my ex wanted to be friends even after we broke up and then we just kept fighting.. she yelled and screamed at me about how i was leaving her when we werent even together... AND THEN even after all the crazy bullshit with her i am back with her.. she makes me feel guilty sometimes. i mean yeah i really care for her but the stress is so overbearing sometimes.

and your not callus. your trying to move on. i think when me and my ex broke up that if i had seen someone else it would have been easier to stay away. i mean as long as you arent trying to fill an empty hole that she left.