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New Girl Here - Lesbian Ladies

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Hey girls! I'm new here. If you want a little more about me take a peek at my profile. I really want to meet some new people, even start a relationship with a girl. My now ex just broke up with me via text message and I'm looking to start over. Any lovely ladies happen to be in NJ? I currently live in South Jersey but I'm moving to Central to live with my aunt and uncle while I go to beauty school, around Brick township. Please send me a message. I want you hear from you all. =]


It's nice to meet you Carly. I don't think I'm too far away, just a hop skip and a jump away here in Los Angeles.

I've been on Gays.com for a year now and I've met some awesome people here, if you stick with it you will meet local and long distance friends on here and maybe someone special. I wish you luck and look forward to seeing you around more. Chao!


haha i may not live in jersey but I am always looking for new friends ^.^ its always fun to have friends to vent to! Anywho, hope you find that special someone im still looking for mine &gt.&gt bleh... okay i think im done XD


Thanks ladies!


Hey whats up. Im in Cali so its nice to meet all of you. If you wanna get to know me than just ask me or add me. Better yet send me a message. Hope everyone is having a nice night.