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Actually I have to say, that I call myself a lesbian cause I've only been in relationships (longer than a month) with a woman. But to be honest, I've had sex with a guy before, and find some attractive. But I don't find any sexually attractive. And I also don't want to date guys. So while I'm "technically" bisexual, I love my wife, and only want to be with her, forever and always. And even if it doesn't come to that, I have serious doubts I could ever be with a man. I mean I realized I like girls when I was 7 yr old! and only really dated guys after being burned by a girl. I thought I had gone through a "phase", and I was "supposed" to date guys. I was in love with my best friend all through out high school and didn't realize it. SO yeah, that was pretty much hell. So I can confidently call my self a lesbian, because I don't want to have sex with guys, or a relationship with them. And it shouldn't matter though whether you are bi or lesbian. when you are in a relationship with someone, you are in a relationship with ONLY that person, so cheating shouldn't be an issue even on the table! biphobia is right, why label the person before getting to know them. If my wife did that to me, after what had happened to her, we both would have missed out on the best relationship of our lives. open your eyes, and your minds people!! date a bisexual girl! it could be the best thing you ever did!


well said Dawn. i used to declare myself bisexual for a couple years until i met my most recent ex. she was always upset about the fact that i was bi and was always scared i was going to leave her for a guy. she wouldn't even get jealous if i was around gay girls, but if it was a boy she'd go off about it. but for me, if i'm with someone i don't even think about anyone else or even the opposite sex. she's actually the one that made me realize i'm full out gay instead of bi because she kind of forced me away from the idea of guys (and i don't hate it! lol) but now that i am gay, i would still probably date a bi girl because it's the person inside that i'm going after, not what sexual preference the person has.