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New Friends? - Lesbian Ladies

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Just finished my first year of law school, and it is very weird to have free time again! Anyways in the year since I moved to Florida I haven't made too many friends, and I am looking to make friends that I DO NOT go to school with! Haha. Law students are crazy and way too stressed out. But even if you are not from the Florida area, feel free to add me, send me a message on here or on AIM at elawesomemexican because it will be forwarded to my phone. Since classes are over I don't get on the internet that often so sending me a message on AIM would probably be the best.

But I need some more gay friends or whatever


Awe I would say yes but I live in Canada
Sorry. I know finding queer friends is hard. We can be long distance buddies?


I'm in Los Angeles, California, I'm really close to you. If you would like anytime out your way we can hang out.

Until then we can be friends on here no problem. I like Florida a lot.


I love Canada! I really was hoping to go to Toronto Pride, but the lack of funds is killing that plan. I used to only like like 2 hours from Canada, but not I'm close to 20 hours! I've got a friend from Whitby, so I know how the long distance friendship can work.

I have never even been to California! The farthest west I have ever been is St. Louis Missouri. I don't travel too much. But I don't really like Florida and was probably the last place I ever wanted to move! I do however like how sunny it is here.