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lets get closer! - Lesbian Ladies

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I just started writting for the examiner.com in Columbia, SC. I am their Lesbian relationship expert, but it seems that the south is more interested in shoe sales then being healthier sensual lesbians in productive relationships. I am really trying to reach out to the LBGT community and promote a healthier and closer connection among ourselves!!!! Please help me spread the word and read the articles. I'm trying to start a Lesbian Revolution!!!! but I need help!
Check it out and subscribe for free @ http://www.examiner.com/x-49848-Columbia-Lesbian-Relationship-Examiner


I'm all for what you're doing and how you're reaching out to everyone, but I think you need to work a little bit on your editing and your professionalism if you're really going to call yourself an expert. Typos like "writting" and using the wrong form of your/you're immediately make me want to discredit what you write, even though what you have to say is ultimately good information. I know typos happen, but try to make an effort to reduce them, and I think that will ultimately lead to more respect and a greater readership.

Keep up the good fight though. We all need to hear what you have to say. Thank you for what you do.


Thank you and I am definety working on that... English is not my first language but i am trying so thanx for te heads up! Its appreciated amd the support!