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furries :3 - Lesbian Ladies

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im more eccentric than some. many people frown upon me
not just for being lesbian, but for being a nerd (anime,manga gaming), for acting younger than my age.. but mostly for being a furry

cause furry is seen differently to some.. theres the ones who go out in full animal suits, some whohave a fetish for that.. some who just like the artwork, the idea of anthropromorphic creatures in a fantasy-like existance.

when i talk of furry, i mean the artwork, but mostly i have a few "furry" accessories.. like tail, paws and such but not full suits.

i only wear them when its ok to, i dont prance around town with them on, not even at home unless showing them to friends.

but at events like furmeets in london or anime/sci-fi conventions, its more acceptable to wear them as everyone is participating in their own common interests and theres other furries there..

i like admitting im a furry, i just want to add that as people frown upon it for the fetish side of things, (i havent tried it, i am open to the possibility of it though)
its not that bad, its just another eccentric interest that some people share, and not always in the exaggerated over the top fashion most people associate with it.
its also true that a lot of furries are homosexual, as its known as the furdom, not many girls tend to participate and find men interested in it 'weird' .. many have had no choice but to find men in the furdom.. i firmly believe homosexuality isnt a 'choice'.. so its possible that those with that kind of interest are perhaps already bisexual to begin with but never met other men with the same interests until they joined the furdom..
same for some women, lately more girls have been appearing at fur meets and becoming furries.. but less of them are bi.

eitherway, you get eccentric people regardless of what interests you have, i just wanted to show furries are the same too, just easily judged cause their interests are "weirder" than others.

if other furries are here, post your thoughts as well

be friendly no hating others ^^


wow I have heard of furries but never heard it explained like that. Not a hater btw...not a furry either...but anime cat-girls (don't know if there's a proper term for it) are really cute personally.


cat-girl is the common term, in japanese its called nekomimi which translates into cat-ears.

was my explanation a bit bad? i dont know if you meant it in a good or bad way when you said you heard of them but not like i explained.. :S


I didn't realize there was a non fetish side to it....I'd only heard of the fetish side of it. didn't mean it in a bad way really


I like anthro artwork and own a few fox / wolf tails, but I don't call myself a furrie simply because of all the crap-talk that people automatically start spouting once the term is brought up.

=] us anime and manga fans gotta stick together, neh?


ah, well thats an example of what most people see it as.

if i say im a furry, they would instantly assume i like having sex in fur suits which is miles off from the truth.

furry never used to be a fetish until afterward when people experimented, a lot of people also claim its beastiality when it isnt that either.

just lots of misconceptions when all it is, is a person who likes the fantasy-like idea of animals with human characteristics and personalities. i just display it with a tail, paws, ears.. and artwork. i would get a full suit but i dont get one for sex. i dont see the appeal in it at all and many others dont either.. its a growing fandom with more andmore people coming in, some still experiment but others just rather do their own thing, like me. :P


Sadly no one really bothers to try and learn about it when they automatically associate it entirely with something like beastiality, which is completely rediculous.


i know.. its really disappointing to be judged that way, but lack of awareness does this to many things. thankfully where i am, not many know what a furry is so i can try to explain it fairly before they canjump to any conclusions.

its just that awkward moment when i say i have a tail. and actually show them. a lot think its pretty impressive handywork and like it.

unfortunately i am part of the "furry" fandom even though i myself am not a "hardcore furry" but its all seen the same.

i just gotta deal with the crap.. to be honest being a furry gets you judged somewhat worse than being a lesbian does.


It really is judged poorly. I'm not, but my best friend is a furry and I know he gets some hating.

You'd be surprised about how unpopular it is. Last year, we (my uni's Pride group, of which I'm president) ran an Animal-themed night at the student union nightclub and we had the lowest attendance that year. I got complaints from some of our regulars... it's really appalling.


it makes me wonder what people are so afraid of. i suppose we are also animals in our own rights as humans. but theres no need for such distrusting nature. most furries are outgoing and friendly people.. some may be a bit geeky, eccentric or nerdy (i am a bit) but they also treat others with more respect than they are given, such as a loyal dog. im not saying they try to act like animals. they still act human, but they are friendlier to others and give hugs and have a good laugh together.

and to me theres just something nice about having paws and a tail, maybe due to the pretty artwork i see of girls with those kinds of accessories,i think its cute and things which are out of the norm, accessory-wise are appealing to me anyway.

saying that, male furries get it muchworse than girls for some reason. but most of us all get called "furfags" online.


I don't dislike furries but they do kinda scare me I did a furry last weekend that I willingly aproached and talked to he was really nice. however I am a 100% catgirl I love my ears and tail and love going to anime conventions in them and just being my adorable self

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