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why is that people cheat? it has never crossed my mind once to cheat. i have never even looked at another female in that way, when i wasn't single. if for any reason i ever feel like cheating i would break up with them first, because there is no way you can love someone yet cheat on them. its not possible. at least that's how i think. i am starting to think i am the only one who thinks that.

i just broke up with my girlfriend today, oh about three hours ago, because i found out she cheated on me last night. i don't care if she was drunk. hell i have been drunk once or twice yet never even came close to cheating. i mean i am a good looking person, so i could if i wanted to, but i never have.

why cant they just keep there hands and mouths to themselves? man fuck it i don't even care anymore. i am not a violent person but this, what she did, makes me want to be real violent.


Well I understand and respect that too, I wouldn't cheat on someone if I was in a relationship, wouldn't be me. But I woulnd't be violent, maybe more frustrated over what she did, drunk or not. Further more, to give the excuse "because I was drunk" is a lil stupid to hear... She's the one who drank in the first place, soo she should show a lil responsability over her actions and at less, try to redempt herself.


I totally understand where you are coming from. my gf of a year and a half cheated on me with my cousin. so I broke up with her and said I didn't wanna see her again. I did become violent though. I started punching and kicking my moms car. the funny thing is that she got with my cousin and then broke up with her a week later and wanted me back really bad. but I am totally against cheating because I know how it feels to be cheated on. the thought never crosses my mind when I have a girl. and if someone tries to get me to look I tell them I can't and won't.


Well i have cheated before, i have to admit that. That person who i was with never found out but for that same reason i broke up with her.. It's a very guilty trip but i haven't done it since (cheated) i have been with my girl for seven years fixing to hit 8 in july. And like Carla says is right just break up with the person if the love is not there!!!!!!!! Don't drag them along!


"just break up with the person if the love is not there!!!!!!!! Don't drag them along!" Lizeth i absolutely agree with these words you wrote they really stood out for me..i have been cheated on before so i can relate, it really HURTS!!..but my ex gave me the most pathetic stupid retarted excuse ever and thats wut made me more upset but till this day i still detest her..i just cant forget but i agree alcohol is not an excuse to cheat ..no disrespect to anyone but personally I detest "cheaters" ..im not the type to cheat on someone i just dont think its right & its heartless.."if The Love is Gone Move On " dnt stick around long enough to cheat on them its not right.


Carla thats so true if youre going to cheat just break up with them i told my ex of 3 years that same statement when we first started going out. but when we were still in highschool together we both were at summer school and in the same class i would mouth i love you and smile everytime she looked at me not knowing she was passing notes to a girl sitting in front of her. that week she decides to hang out with the girl and she comes back home and calls me joking around that she had sex with her.. then i asked her if she was seriously jokin and she told me the truth. it hurt so bad because our lives revolved around each other.. i know how it feels to cheat and i would never do that to anyone. anyone whos been cheated on has every right to be mad. im sorry for anyone here whos been cheated on i feel your pain