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Side by side we face the world,
Arm in arm we take on this life,
Giving all we can ‘till we’ve nothing left.

Side by side we laugh, we cry,
Fighting life’s heartaches,
Carrying each other through dark days.

Side by side we reach out,
Grabbing onto life with both hands,
Never letting go of what we know is ours.

Side by side we walk forward,
Moving into our future,
Running faster than our legs can carry us.

Side by side we grow, we change,
We leap into the unknown,
Holding onto each other as we take that step.

Side by side we stand at a crossroads,
Each to take a different path,
Leaving what we know, our comforts.

Side by side my friend, we leave,
Moving on without you,
Never losing touch, never breaking apart.

Side by side our hearts reside,
Through distance and time,
Not forgetting this, never closing a door, always there.

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