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Lying on the floor, cold and alone
My heart’s pain
Caused by words from a recording
The flame of my love is consuming me
And destroying all in its path

I yearn for the presence
Of one who shuts me out
My eyes burn with tears
At the thought of another’s pain
My insides are all breaking

The locket that hangs close to my heart,
Seems to weigh a thousand tons
This portal to heartbreak
Of which I dare not rid myself
Will soon be the death of me, I fear

How could I not foresee it,
This repetition of history?
I was blinded by love
And the thought of what could be
This is not what I imagined


I wrote it all in one go, lying on the floor right before I cried. It was a very strong burst of emotion so I wrote it in probably 10 minutes.

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