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What is someone to do when the one they love is pushing them away? I mean the other person just had a death in the family.. I can understand not wanting to be around some ppl.. But wouldn't they want the one they loved to be there to console them? She doesn't even want to talk to me. Any suggestions??


Firstly, How long has it been since the family member passed away?
Secondly, it all depends on what type of person she is. Some people desire to be closer to loved ones when they lose someone they care about. Other need time and space. my best advice would be to not smoother or become clingy, right now, to her, your guys relationship is probably not the number 1 thing on her mind. So dont smoother her, it may push her away. I would advise you to just let her know that if she needs anything that you are there, that you love and want to support her in anyway possible.
Follow her lead, if she makes an move for intimacy, Return it! but if you do and she shuts you down then just take it with a grain of salt and let her be. She will come around and in the end she will be thankful that you didnt smoother her and make this difficult time shes going through about you guys and your relationship. =)


wow Nicolette hit it right on the head well nothing to say lol XD
but i just recently had a death in the family and i can relate to ur gf i didnt want mines to smoother me i just need time and space the relationship was not the first thing on my mine it was my famliy and the death of someone i knew for a long time and love. i wouldnt really take it to heart its just she's dealing with it the best way she can and knows how


The best thing to do is call the person up and say, "Hey, I understand you're grieving and that you're wanting some space; I just want you to know that I care about you and that I am and will be here for you if you ever need to talk or anything. I will give you space if that's what you need, but please just tell me so I know what to do."
It's important to be direct about these things and express your feelings. I agree with Nicolette on most of her post, but you still need to address the space issue instead of just saying "hey I'm here if you need me" because I guarantee that the person is hearing that from a lot of people right now.


Well.. It has been a week since the passing of her sis... And they weren't that close at all.. But I really appreciate all of your advice!