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To live a life without you, would be a life incomplete
Surely as the absence of light creates darkness, your absence would render my heart empty
If I were to leave you how could my body exist? with a heart left elsewhere surely i could not survive?
For every movement my heart makes is in adoration of you, each beat an allowance to be near you once again

I need to stop, to take a breath.

To think of you is the simplest way to bring joy to my face
One thought of you is enough to lighten even my darkest times
Your warmth against my skin with a single touch, makes me catch my breath.
As does your presence when you enter a room
Every moment you are not near, my heart aches with the distance
Longing for a time, a moment, a glance, where I can see you again

I need to stop, to take a breath.

For if I stay in this place for too long I will lose all touch with reality.
This isn't real, it can't be real.
How can a life revolve around one other person?
Why do I not wish to be somewhere else, doing something else?
Instead of sitting here with you.
Knowing that I will never be more to you, is unbearable pain.
But living without ever seeing you would be hell itself.

I need to stop, to take a breath.

I should add in truth to my feelings.
I should step back and have a good look.
But I can't let you go, you are a part of me now.
Somehow I have to know you.

Just stop for now.

And breathe.

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