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hmmmm why me..... - Lesbian Ladies

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when release yourself from being dependent on others for your happiness. put the responsibility of your own happiness on yourself.... another can "elevate" your happiness, but should never be the sole reason.


I totally agree, your happiness has to be based on yourself. It took me a long time to learn that, I was stuck in a deep depression for years, I attempted suicide twice and was a cutter. People kept telling me I had to make the decision to be happy. I thought they were nuts, I mean why would I be choosing to be depressed? But I finally realized they were right, it wasn't that I had decided to be depressed, it was that I hadn't decided to be happy. I had to make the conscious decision to be happy, to find the good in things, and to stop dwelling on the negative. I made that decision almost 3 years ago, and now I'm truly happy. I still get depressed, and my life often seems like nothing but a series of bad circumstances and situations with a couple small good things scattered in between, but even when I'm sad and/or lonely or mad or whatever other emotion, there is an underlying happiness deep down. Happiness can be more than an emotion, emotions are fleeting. Happiness, if you let it be and work at it, is a part of your personality, a part of who you are.