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Any one else here love cats...or is it just me - Lesbian Ladies

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have any cat stories share them here I just love cats...they make me happy


Ever rubbed the belly of ur cat and he got a hard on ? Happened to me... Dang cat, but soo cute as he was black =D


My cat apparently has feline herpes so he tends to wheeze and snort a lot. It is so cute, and he can't hide that well because you can always hear him breathing! However, this is no way impacts him life quality because he gets around just like any other cat, and sometimes he'll outrun his brother. My friends have dubbed the sound of his breathing as similar to that of a zombie. Haha. He really is a one-of-a-kind cat, and I wouldn't give him up for anything in the world.


yeah....i have a siamese mix who is about seven months old and am fostering two very small kittens....its so cute how they like to play with each other....its like one big fur ball running around the house....its co cute...and then they all pile on top of me while im sleeping at daybreak...wanting food...not as fun for me as it is for them......but they are a joy...


I love cats, my babies name is Nia and she's just a calico domestic short hair, the mut of the cat world, but I love her dearly, she's such a sweetie most of the time.


i absolutely adore cats. i recently lost my 16 year old main coon named Keke and 10 month old orange and white kitten named Spaz but i sooo want another one.


i have 3 cats and i adore them!


I have two cats, their names are Fatty and Annoying. They're the closest thing to family I got and I love them very much



Lmfao when i read this i knew i had to respond to this lol.
I had 2 cats. Jack Daniels "named after the hard alcohol lol"
and my moms cat Diego, i somehow think she got that name Diego for her cat
since we babysit my niece and nephew and they love watching Dora The
Explorer. Lol ok back on track. We had them both when they were maybe 2 months or 3 months old. We let them out one day to play, they came back in but
my cat was stuck in the neighbors tree scared shitless. Lol.
I had to get him outta the tree. They came back in that night and the next
morning we let them back out. Only my moms cat came back that day.
Ever since then, my moms cat is now my cat. I swear he is hilarious.
Lol hes so loveable and funny. Ahh hes just crazy lol. Hes now 1 yrs old.
Looks just like Garfield. Anywho,
When he was a baby i was feeding him and he was in the kitchen. He meowed and i SHIT YOU NOT IT SOUND LIKE HE SAID MAMA. Im not lying at all here people. Kinda trippy. Back on subject. Hes now 1 yrs old and sleeps in my room and jumps on my bed when he sees me. When i feed him he talks to me in his own little way "in the sound of his meows".

If i dont let him outside to play he puts up a fit and argues with me again in his
own way within his meows.
I could tell you so many more stories. Hmm what else? Hes a really loveable cat lol. Why the hell am i talking about this i have no clue

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