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just tryin to meet new people... - Lesbian Ladies

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I have lived in Jacksonville Florida my whole life but my gf jus moved here from California and it seems like we can't ever find anything to do besides go to the Metro. Lol. We jus want to meet some new gay/lesbian couples or singles we can hangout with and jus have a good time. Just hit me up!


I think it is just because Jacksonville sucks. Haha. I've lived here almost a year, and it is so hard to find anywhere to go other than all the empty, sad gay bars in town. You should go to Bo's if you really want to get creeped out. Haha. It is bad when the city of just over 300,000 I grew up in has a better gay scene than Jacksonville.


yea i really wish there were a bigger range of gay bars and places to hangout at. the metro is acually really fun on lesbo nights but its always the same thing. but its also jus me and my gf so i was thinkin with more people to join us and hangout with then maybe the boring things wouldnt be so boring anymore ya know.