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My Question :x - Lesbian Ladies

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If you read the later parts of the "Dominant or Submissive" thread, you know that I have a question. So here it is:

Have you ever role-played with your partner? Around the house, leading up to foreplay, in the bedroom?

Leave your creative or subjective responses in the comment section beloooow. And please, for the love of... The gay-pride dragon, stay on topic in this.


. . . That's not an answer that I was hoping for. *Ahem*

I role-play a lot, even in person if the other is willing. Personally, I stay in character in person, so whatever I do or say is what the character themself would naturally do or say. And, as you all surely know, some characters mix VERY well with others, unless the characters are a couple, then that's kind of a given. If the one you're role-playing with is into it, they won't have any problems staying in character.

Normally, as I've noticed, role-playing makes your partner more comfortable for some reason. But they have to be really into it.

My best friend and I used to role-play all the time. And I do mean ALL the time. Late at night, she would play as Blue Crystal (aka BC), and I would be Zyos--these characters are married, by the way--and, well... BC is a succubus. So I'm pretty sure you know where her mind was at, not that her husband ever minds. Granted, without a strap I can't stay *completely* in character for obvious reasons, but hey, it was fun any damn way. And it would go on for hours and hours...!

The real beauty of it is when you're playing two completely different characters. Like, BC would leave Zyos for a bit and go pounce Servix (another character of mine that BC is in a relationship with). Zyos is a gentle man, who is very sweet, including in the bedroom. Servix is the complete opposite. He's an asshole, and he likes it rough. *Shrugs* It makes things interesting either way~


sounds like live action role playing...just xxx style! ( of course making something XXX can only make it better) My ex and I used to make up characters all the time...mine was ruth feressen a warrior and fighter... I will have to do that again when I have someone to role play with.


Yeah, role-playing is fun. And not just in the bedroom, either. It takes someone with a lot of imagination to make it worth while, though. Those types of girls are really hard to find...

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