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Hello There! [[ New To This ]] - Gay Guys! <3

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So, my name's Kevin! ^.^
I'm a pretty fun, outgoing guy!
& Trust me, NOT your typical Asian, haha!
I'm not all super smart & rich, like a lot of people think..
I'm just your average guy!
I really love talking to interesting people who can hold a conversation, you know?
Anyways, we should talk! Message me, yeah?
[[ Still trying to figure out how all this works, haha! ]]


Same here honey. You can always mail me to sigibahr at yahoo. dot de and then we can chat about anything you like. Be good and take care my love.


welcome to the group Kevin. I am happy you join. Where do you live? I will tell you where I live Barrie ont Canada. I would be interst to meet you some time. if you would like to talk I zam on yahoo dan.mcgibbon@roger5s.com.
Take care.


I'm new here too!


I am going to add you to my yahoo I would love to talk.

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