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Ah confused. - Lesbian Ladies

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K so I recently met this girl. And she is amazing. She is athletic, funny, has ambition, and just beautiful. I had so much fun with her. she lives a little far but it doesnt seem to bother me, that much. She makes me laugh and smile so much, two things i love to do. Have not had so much fun with a girl in so long. years actually. But i never know what she is thinking. Im so used to girls being so sweet and just upfront about their feelings towards me. But shes so difficult to read. I donno if i should just go for it , or lay back? I donno if i should tell her how happy she makes me, or play it cool and just go with it ? but i love hearing exactally what a girl is feeling and thinking. what to do?


hehe well if you dont mind me saying.. just go for it. Its silly to keep things to yourself! There shouldnt be any shame in telling her how you feel. Enjoy life and take every exciting chance you get! Or else.. whats the point in doing anything at all right? Go for it



listen to Nike
Just Do It.


my vote would always be go for it. i always do. sometimes it's cool, sometimes it gets me into some kind of trouble. lol


There's this girl I adore and I think it will never happen...but If i thought there was a chance...well I'd go for it. as a dear friend of mine said you got to take the bitter with the sweet. I guess you know kind of what it's like to date a guy now...they don't like to share their feelings either ; )


thanks ladies
i did go for it.
and she hinted to me the other day that she wanted to be my girlfriend !


Atta girl!!~~~....good to hear that!