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Welcome to this group!! - Gay Guys! <3

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David is the leader!! and I'm a little member like you!!!

Why do we like gays??
That's a good question!

1. They are mostly not violent, aggressive and these stuff... They are gay...
2. They have usually a good personal hygiene... Most of them smells good. :P
3. They are forcing themselves usually to be cute... And not to look like the big cowboy from a dubious texas ranch or a big computer nerdz who doesn't know a thing about computers.
4. If they are out they have already worked on their self-esteem which is great and make them even more good persons.
5. They know how to be gay... Because they simply are.
6. Two boys kissing and having affection for each other is BEAUTIFUL!!
7. We are cool!
8. You know... it's only a matter of orientation there's no model for gay people as we are simply people who likes other people as anybody else.
9. But we are still cool.
10. Yes we are definitely cool.

11. You are cool!
12. The pic for this group is cool. Still on that pic my favorite one is the right guy.

See you people!

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