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In between a rock & a hard place... - Bi Bi Bi Women

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I consider myself bi, but never had any type of sexual/relationship experience , I feel its a little bit of a turn off?? after I tell girls this they want to be just friends.... any advise?


So you never had relations sexually or personally, but you do prefer both sexes. What is it that you consider a turn off? Or do you think it turns other people off? Well if people just want to be friends, they weren't looking for a relationship with you. If they were it would come off the bat.

Just know that going for either sex, the law of attraction always follows. Just because a girl is lesbian does not mean she will fall in love, want to sleep with, or like every female that she sees. You get to know some one, bond, fall in love and then do the whole relationship thing.

When you finally meet that female or man you want to be with, and they too feel the same way, you will definitely be in a secure relationship. No worries. Have hope, be you, have fun and all that.


I did have a gf, she pursued me, it felt like love but she seemed confused (she was bi too, or so she said) I think its a turn off for other people.... thanks for the advice


i feel like this problem stems from the fear that most bi/lesbian women share: that is, they're afraid that they will become interested in you and you will turn out to either be A A shallow straight girl just looking for someone to mess with or use for attention.. or B A confused girl who they will fall for and who will eventually turn away from them because they're unsure.

I think in the end though, you can't let this bother you. I know this stereotype is hard to overcome, especially since the fear of rejection preys on all our minds and can make us afraid to accept someone who is new to "our world"... But in the end, if the person isn't willing to take you on and give the relationship a chance in the first place, then there's really no place for them next to you anyway!

I know it's no fun to just have to push through, but sometimes it's all you can do. I wish you luck and I agree- you seem like a lovely girl and you are beautiful, eventually someone will see you and take that chance you've been waiting for.


I just want to thank all the people who commented I will take all your tips and use them in one way or other, i'm glad I can finally get some because everyone else is my life is busy to talk