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Find Your Lesbian Game :) He He - Lesbian Ladies

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Okay girls here is your chance to find your perfect or somewhat perfect lesbian. Its kind going to go like the twenty questions game lol. But we will make it fun. No questions such as oh how old are you where are you from and la la la because thats what our profiles are for. lol Lets thing about some really and deep questions now to find your lesbian friend partner or whatever they might become.

First Question shall be...............................1. What are your biggest morals in life and in a relation ship?

My answer to that question would have to be my education and family for my biggest morals in life. And in a relationship honest, trust, goals, ambishens, equality on both sides and being able to have a frienship as well as a relationship.

Now ladies its your turn. I started the FIND YOUR LESBIAN GAME now lets keep it going and see how many questions and answers we can get to see who matches up. :P and have fun with it ladies!!!!!!!!!!


My biggest morals are my daughter's happiness and then mine....i put her first then I want to have a partner I can fully trust, beleive in ,laugh with, tickle and tell jokes,depend on, hold when the going get's tough,cook with and feed each other with just our hands,...cause I think that is so sexy, and then when the world feels too hard on her or me , we can have faith that we can push through anything that this world will throw at us..i will protect her from all the bad and love her NO matter what. Life is the the BIGGEST moral in my life...and I want to make it count for somthing...and my partner will know she is the breath that I breath...but she has to love my daughter just as much...she's my priority rightnow...she's only 12 and has only me and her Nana and we won't always be around,..so I want her to know that she is safe too, from this crazy world....but my partner is right there next to this with me...I love you and you know who you are!!~~~sugar face have a great day


So now my question for you is do you already have this partner? Because it kinda of seems like you already do. I know what you mean about wanting a partner that loves your daughter and you the same. And that maybe hard to find out in this world but you will find her because you seem really down to earth and you have amazing morals and the way you talk about your daughter shows that she is your life and your first priority which is a good thing and if a girl can't see that then they are truely missing out on something that can be and is great.


The morals i live my ilfe by include being as honest and truthfull to myself as i possibly can, dealing with anyone i come across with compassion and truth. I have made many mistakes and I take those lessons and apply them to myself, and everyday i strive to improve upon myself, firstly for me and then to the benefit of others...In a relationship i want honesty, realness, love and compassion, someone who can be my partner, who will stand beside me and not behind me...someone i can depend on and who knows i will always be here....

okay.....question 2: describe to me a normal day that you would like to live out with your better half?


A normal day what is that lol........No my normal day with my better half if i had one, would be waking up and making her breakfast and bringing it to her in bed and than taking care of what we need to get done than a walk in the park with the dogs and than dinner and a movie and cuddling all night