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BEST SEX EVER??? - Lesbian Ladies

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I've had my share of women lol
and yeah, eventually you have sex

I've always rated sex with a person no matter what.

sooo today, i had sex with my gf,
in my car
and OMG there are no words to explain just how amazing it was. It was beyond 10 haha

what was your best sex ever??
leave the details- this isn't erotic story time haha

just where and when and with whom??


Almost 2 weeks Ago. My Wife and Me In The Bathroom at a Club


about a week and a half ago wit my exx in the park


first time i ever had sex with my ex. we waited for quite a while just making out and stuff. when we finally did it....i thought i was going to pass out


last summer, with my ex.. in the shower.
ahh shower sex is amazing.


sex with my wife is phenomenal every time. there is no such thing as 'best sex ever' in our life..because every time is the 'best sex ever' lol


Id have to say about 4 months ago - we met and immedietly hit it offf.. started in my kitchen, up against the wall, knocking pictures over, to the table, and eventually to my bed.. the connection was unbelievable. We don't even talk anymore, but I will never forget her because of that night. haha


all the sex with my girl is the "best sex ever" but i must say last night in the shower and the bed was amazing!


The best sex ive ever had took place in 2007 from 2008. At the time i was with someone and lived in South Lake Tahoe Ca. "I lived with her". Our sex life was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Hell better then all my other past relationships lol. Anywho on to the Details lol. Im Dom when it comes to sex so i like someone thats Sub and she was. The best sex ive ever had was the very first night we were together. Well we met the first time and immediately hit it off. Ill never forget that night because of her. 8 Hours straight of Amazing sex, and wow lol even the next door neighbors could hear us and wow was she loud. It was amazing, heeh even used handcuffs lol. Anwyho i made her loose her voice that night "NO BS NO LIES" it was just that good. Anyways ill never forget her because of that night. We talk off and on but NEVER ANYTHING SERIOUS. We agreed to be JUST FRIENDS

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