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It's summer, and I'm not sure who I am. Supposedly, I am an A and B student who fulfills all expectations and has one ex boyfriend. I eat my veggies and do what I'm told, go to bed early and read clean books.

My mind is a typhoon, swirling with confused desire. A girl, Emily, graced my dreams one night, opening my mind to what my heart really wanted; her. She had short, strawberry hair, nature kissed freckles on pure cream skin, and eyes blues as an angel's tears. Everything about her was flawless.

Her crooked smile around straight teeth almost woke me up there. How could I have stayed asleep through my heart raceing faster than the sun kisses the earth?

It took the simplest dream -a dream about what, who I really wanted- for me to come out to myself.


I like this. Especially the way you describe her. Great visuals.

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