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Graduation ((A Two Chapter Erotica)) - Writers Nook

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Here's the first part... I'm taking my sweet time on the good stuff... ;D

"One, two, three... Cheese!" For the umpteenth time that morning, flash bulbs invaded my eyes, causing the pupils to retract into emerald hues. I blinked several times, a grimace plastered onto my formerly grinning lips.
"Mom! Will you please chill with the pictures? I'm gonna go blind!" My mother frowned, lowering the camera from her eye to pout at me, something she knew would douse any fire within me.
"Come on, Sweetheart! This day only comes once in a lifetime!" I sighed dramatically, glancing around my general vicinity to locate a friend, teacher... anyone who could rescue me from countless bad photographs. To my horror, every one in my class was in a similar predicament. Gritting my teeth, I turned back toward my mom, pinning another fake smirk onto my face thinking, I hate Graduation...
I couldn't wrap my mind around the tradition. We dress up in stupid looking robes to march down an isle and recieve a peice of paper that stated we had completed schooling, only to be shipped off to college as soon as the ink was dry. Then, the know-it-all in the Senior class gets to give a speech about how wonderful the school was,( when in reality the only good thing about it was making out under the bleachers during football games,) then we all clap and cheer like we actually give a rat's ass what they had to say, and toss our hats into the air as if to state, "Yes! I can finally rid myself of this ridiculous looking head gear!" Yeah... Such a fantastic way to celebrate.
After my parents had gotten their fill of half smiles and near escapes, each of them kissed me on the cheek.
"Have a great time tonight, Dear!" my father practically sang as he and mom pulled out of the parking lot. "Get home safely tomorrow so you can start to pack!" With that, they were gone. Finally. For the first time that day, a true smile lit my features as I turned back toward the school in which I had slaved away during my teens. The grin faded slightly as memories washed over me; I couldn't decide whether to feel joy or loss.
"Hey, Becca...?" a familiar voice cut into my thoughts. Startled, I turned to find my classmate Megan Fitzgerald eyeing me with a mixture of confusion and understanding. Without waiting for a reply, she sidled up to me, smiling gently as I quickly whisked the wetness away from my eyes. "Its unreal...isn't it?" her voice sounded far away, as if it were an illusion. I had to glance down at her to make sure she was truly there. Indeed she was, crystilline blue eyes fixed, as mine had been moments before, upon the large building ahead, mouth turned down slightly at the corners. I had never before seen her expression so somber. She was one of the girls in high school who's beauty far surpassed the 'popular' crowd's, yet no one aknowledged it for fear of being thought of as a dork. She was highly intelligent, often scoring slightly above me in tests, and was one of the sweetest and kindest young women I had ever met. I sighed lightly, allowing a small smile to crease my lips.
"Yeah... But, you know, even after everything we've been through in here... all the shit we've put up with and the idiocy we've avoided... I'm going to miss it." Megan looked to me again, this time with mist filling her own eyes, and nodded.
"Me too..." She bowed her head, inhaling sharply as a single tear dropped from her lashes. With all the deftness I could muster, I placed two fingers beneath her chin, tilting her head upward to face me.
"Hey..." I coaxed, a warm grin working it's way onto my lips as she allowed herself to gaze tearfully up at me, lower lip quivering almost nonexistantly. Feeling a bit braver than usual, I allowed my digits to slide up the slope of her cheek, carefully wiping the salt water from her rapidly heating skin. "It'll all be alright, Meg. It's just another curve in the path of life. And I'd know about curves..." she laughed lightly at my gay joke, smacking my arm with little force.
"Come on, Becca... Let's get the hell out of here. I've not been invited to any after parties," she paused, cheeks flushing slightly out of embarrassment. "-but I'd be happy to have you at my house." Again she paused, adding hurriedly moments after, "I-I mean, if you're not...busy." The redness in her face darkened, but from what, I wasn't sure. With a short, sarcastic laugh, I laid my hand on her shoulder, pulling her into me for a quick hug.
"When am I busy, Megs?" I inquired playfully, beginning the short walk to my car. Megan stuck out her tongue and motioned to the bleachers that sat across the lot near the football field.
"When you're over there, dummy." she made a disgusted face. "Snogging all of those... those...-" I interjected, eyebrows quirked.
"Girls?" Megan shook her head, waving off my comment.
"No. The fact that it's women you're kissing is fine... Just... THEM?" A lightbulb flickered on within my brain.
"Oh, come on! Cheerleaders aren't that bad!" Megan 'pfft'ed, raising her eyebrows.
"They were whores, Becca, and you know it." I chuckled lightly as I removed my keys from my jeans, pressing the 'unlock' button. Without really thinking about it, I manuvered to the passenger's side of my 'Staang, opening the door for Megan before I entered the driver's side.
"Oh? And who do you suggest that I should have kissed instead? The supply of girls who like girls is fairly limited in this school, you know." The ignition jolted to life, revving as I pressed momentarily upon the peddle. The woman beside me began to speak, then halted, turning her head to look out the window as my car pulled out of the lot.
"Point taken. Forget I said anything." For the first time, I caught a hint of jealousy hidden within her tone.

Megan's house was a lot different than how I had imagined it. No grandure. No splendor. Just a plain brown house halfway up a rather lengthy street. The ride there had been completely silent, save for the turn signal and brakes (which squeaked a little,) so by the time I cut the engine and turned to assess the mood of my companion, I wasn't suprised to hear the deep, peaceful breathing of one who is asleep. Her chest rose and fell in perfect time, eyes flickering behind the lids that sheilded them. I couldn't help but stare. I had never before seen Megan up close in the moonlight... and I was slightly awe struck, unable to believe that I had been blind to her beauty for so long. Her blemish free skin was toned evenly across her face and neck, unlike the girls I had been with whose foundation created a chalky line along their jaw. The pink in her cheeks was no longer abnormally flushed... her skin looked so smooth... her lips, so soft. They beckoned to me wordlessly, plump and ripe and oh-so-kissable...
"Uhm... Becca?" Once again, I was startled out of reverie, only this time I had been caught staring. Embarrassment caused me to release a rather high-pitched chuckle, and I directed my gaze elsewhere as rapidly as my neck would allow.
"We're here." I mentally slapped myself. Wow. Laaame. Reticence once again took hold within the confined space, making me sweat. After what seemed like an eternity, I managed to meet her gaze again. What I saw there was, to say the very least, completely unexpected. Her eyes were bright and shining, matching the cheery grin that turned her lips. I quirked an eyebrow.
"Like what you saw, dear?" I watched with curiosity as she adjusted her position within the interior, her upper body leaning toward my own. I could only stutter as she lifted her hand to my face, tracing my lips with a single, nailed digit before resting her palm against my heated cheek. I opened my mouth to speak, unsure of what exactly I should say, when she leaned in closer, heavy-lidded eyes focusing upon my own. I could only stare as she uttered the single sexiest thing I had ever heard her say in my life..."Let me show you what those whores never could... How a real woman," she paused, extending her tongue to slowly, sensually lick up the slope of my neck, "-can make you feel..."

-To Be Continued-


Nice! I could make a great cover out of this (trust me, that is not always the case...lol).

Do you plan to self publish?

Aidana WillowRaven


Hopefully in the future, yes. But I've not been able to do very much research on how to do so. I've published a few items of poetry, but other than that, I'm a publishing n00b. xD



Good thing is, I work with several self publishing companies and am the Art Director for a new one called WickerApple Publishing.

How soon do you think you would be ready for editing?

Did you get a chance to look at my site?


I wasn't able, no. But I will here in a little bit. And I don't really have any finished compositions that are worth reading...


Just checked it out. You are very talented! I loved all of the covers. Especially the Yearning Souls one. Very detailed and perfectly hued and saturated.


Thank you. I can tell by your terminology that you have some exposure to art, which makes your compliment even worth more.

As far as your work not being worthy... I see nothing of the such. You could always have an editor evaluate it and offer pointers if you feel you need them, thought.

You could also join critique groups especially for your genre.


I am actually a fine arts major, double majoring in psychology. I draw here and there, but writing and singing are my main focus points. ^_^
I would appreciate discussing with you the basics of publishing and editing, seeing as I have never done such a thing with my short stories. Feel free to contact me at any point that you are available. ^_^


That would be great.

My email is willowraven.illustration@yahoo.com and my yahoo messenger is the same (w/o the yahoo.com).


I received the request and added you. So whenever you wanna chat, just pop in.

I normally go invisible, so just 'buzz' me to be sure I am here.


Did I miss ya? I took a break for lunch. I had a message from *Becca*. Was that you?