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Short Erotica Story ((Again, opinions are certainly welcome.)) - Writers Nook

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The lights switched off, removing shadows and replacing the room with a blanket of darkness. I stirred under her covers, the fleece sheets touching my naked frame in the most sensual way; like her fingers. Her footsteps were muted by the carpeted floor, but I could still sense her movement; my ears tingled at the sound of her heavy breathing. She reached the mattress, sliding across it with serpentine grace that caused my heart, and other pulsing regions of my body, to titillate and throb heatedly. She hadn't so much as touched me, yet I was extremely aware of the sticky wetness that coated my inner thighs and lips. The heat of her body enveloped me; she had laid her form over mine, causing our breasts to meet; our sensitized nipples kissing in the dark. Her hair, lengthy and auburn, plumed upon my skin, raising gooseflesh... raising my temperature. A low, throaty chuckle informed me of her amusement at my position; I had been dominant in past circumstances. She knew I hated her power over me...She knew I grew dangerously wet at it as well. I was under her control... This we both understood. I was caught by surprise when her moistened lips found me, though not where I had anticipated. Instead of invading my mouth, which would have been a normal way to start lovemaking, her tongue roughly entered my left ear, thrusting along the shell, into the canal, along the rim, while her husky pants flowed into me, filling me with desire...with need. She was fucking my ear... and God, did it get me hot. Releasing a moan I had thought would be suppressed, I tangled my hands into her flowing mane, pulling and twisting in an attempt to direct her tongue. She would have none of it. She was in control. I had forgotten this.
It seemed as if hours passed while she fucked my ears, switching back and forth multiple times to keep me guessing. By the time she pulled away, my mouth was agape, my eyes glazed, and my cunt throbbing wildly in it's pool of cum. She noted my erratic breathing and once again chuckled to herself. She moved, again I could not see where. I had almost allowed my body to relax when it seized up once more, a ravaged cry tearing from my throat as three of her digits thrust into me, curling up sharply to prod at my most sensitive place. My form jerked to life, hips bouncing in time with her rough, heated ministrations, my mouth releasing sounds I didn't know I had the ability to make, my emerald eyes rolling back into their sockets. Then... came the overflow. Her lips found my pulsating clit, wrapping around it like a python does it's prey. Suckling and flicking her tongue against the over-sensitized flesh, she drew from me one final, animalistic cry as I came hard, my cum gushing out and coating her fingers with my sweet release. Twitching and weak, I flopped back onto the pillows behind me, reveling in the aftermath of incandescent orgasm. Seemingly satisfied, my lover moved to my side, kissing languidly over my sweat-moistened flesh. "So..." she breathed into my ear, a smile in her voice, "You still like it with the lights on?"


Damn its fuckin orgasmic!!!!!


Yea thats a keeper


love it...should be longer tho lol


Not only well written, but insanely hot.


Had to recooperate there. So good, that was intense and hot!


This is absolutely orgasmic! You have quite a talent