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Lesbian Erotica (( Just a snippet. Opinions are more than welcome.)) - Writers Nook

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I had never been more aware of my body than I was as her delicate fingertips traced down the nape of my neck, sending all of the minuscule hairs there jumping to attention. God, was she lovely... I noted the luminescence of her misted eyes and the thin coat of wetness upon her lips as she smirked, drawing her tongue slowly out from behind them to flicker in my direction. She had me hooked, this one... Everything about her screamed sex, from her sun drenched skin to the full roundness of her breasts... even her smell... Sweat and sweet wetness wafting from secret places.
Leaning in, she pushed the hair which was curling about my ear back, pressing her mouth fully against the shell. "Is this what you wanted..." she whispered, her hot breath sending waves of arousal jolting down my spine. My satin panties, which were already completely drenched, managed to become even more so with every word she murmured. My hips bucked, once... twice, as her teeth found my sensitive lobe. Upon feeling my attempts at contact, she released a devilish laugh, thrusting her knee between my legs to ease the molten desire. I couldn't help but groan, finally allowing my limp arms to ease up the small of her back and press her into me further. "Please..." my speech came out in a rasp, which was soon coupled with another moan as she drew away from my ear to place her heated lips on my neck, sucking and biting the skin as if attempting to extract my blood. "I need-" Her mouth cut me off as she overtook mine with her tongue. It worked about within my mouth in a serpentine motion, dragging along my upper and lower lips and gums before teasing my own into a frenzy. My nails dug into her back as I finally used my strength to pull her fully on top of me, her knee digging into me with glorious pressure. My fingers found her nipples to be screamingly erect, easily tweaked. I did just that, surprised at the reaction I drew from my partner as she moaned her need into me and thrust her hips to meet my thigh. I felt my eyes roll slightly as her slick wetness spread itself over my skin and the pulse from her center glide along after. She was fucking my leg... And God help me, I loved it...

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. ^___^ Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. xDD


Damn girl that wass ....... damn i lost my speech
You definilty hant lost it!!!!!


Well, well...sounds like a nice date, lol

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