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The Psychology of It. - Lesbian Ladies

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Ever want to take Freudian concepts and shove them where the sun doesn't shine? I'm majoring in Psychology right now, and personally, I find a lot of the theories on homosexuality within women to be absolutely absurd. So, I was wondering what you ladies thought on the subject.

Personally, I don't believe homosexuality to be strictly genetic nor learned from an environment, but a mixture of both. However, the makeup of bisexuality is a mystery to me... There are so many different ways people can become who they are, it may be impossible to determine exactly what is the deciding factor... I'd like to hear your thoughts.


Freud's always been known to be a sexist. But the psychosexual development theory might have some truth to it though it is not applicable for all and those which it is applicable for find it too provocative to accept it. And yes, there's definitely different factors as to why a person would be a homosexual/bisexual. Freud is only an expert in the mind, little on the human biology so his point of view only tackles it from one angle.


Well, Freud actually studied medicine and neurology, so he knows a little bit about human biology. And you have to remember, he wrote his theories in the early 1900s... so most of it would be irrelevant now anyway.

Personally, I would think homosexuality has a stronger genetic link, simply because the usual methods of learning really don't apply to most peoples' cases. Biological research into homosexuality most looks at the different amount of hormones in a person's body as well as the hypothalmus (said to be bigger in homosexuals but that hasn't really been proven). It's good they don't look into it, at least not right now. If the world knew HOW people are homosexual, the information would totally be abused (to 'fix' homosexuality).

Anyway, Freud was a complete cocaine abuser and his psychologist daughter Anna Freud was a lesbian, so don't feel too bad


Speaking on freuds theories... many if not all have been proven wrong anyways. The only reason he even is brought is to show the different types of outlooks you can have based on their school or what ever...

It's like he was the one guy who produced more theories than anyone else before anyone else and was like HAH! without much proof.

Sorry.... in real time.. my psychology classes never really spoke of him. Even sociology he was totally skipped over.

I don't think there is a way to keep someone from being homosexual. Another thing they teach you in psychology/sociology. Humans can break away from their boundaries, something no other animal can do.

I'm done sorry.


If his theories were so outdated I would why most colleges still find it nessecary to speak about him??...and I agree that there are thousands of different reasons ppl are homosexual.


Most colleges only find it necessary to speak about Freud in history and developmental psychology. Essentially, Freud was the first psychologist to devise an in-depth outline of a child's progression from infancy through adolescence. Freud's obsession with sexual urges have been omitted from contemporary Neo-Freudian theories (check out Erikson, Bowlsby and Ainsworth).

A lot of attraction, heterosexual and otherwise, has been credited to pheromones. It's a complex area, that's for sure, and I couldn't tell you why even I myself like girls! But I will say that I don't think most people have a choice in being homosexual - otherwise there'd likely only be a handful of us.


I agree with you. It definitely wasn't a decision on my part, that's for sure. I mean , I wrote a love note to a girl on Valentine's day in first grade! Lol


Unfortunately I am not as educated in psychology as I'd like to be, but I did some reading on sexual orientation during a dark time in my life. There is a case study with a guy who was turned into a girl at a young age which supports that gender, including sexual attraction is hardwired before birth in the womb, by the hormones in the womb. I forgot the guys name, but the physical gender change after birth changed nothing "he" was still attracted to girls, still acted like a guy, and had many emotional issues because "he" realized something wasn't right. I'm not sure of the implication on this for homosexuality. I also think that it's natural for most girls to be at least bicurious because of a primal attraction and connection to the mother figure. As for those of us who don't outgrow it after college, I vote for genetics.


Yeah, there is a new study surrounding what goes on in and around the womb during pregnancy influences the outcome of children... neogen... i dont know. they have a name for it but maybe i'm just old fashioned in that some things should be left alone.
As my sociology teacher said, "No one is 100% straight, 100% bi, or 100% homosexual... if we had to map it out on a line with those categories in their respected place then we would all be scattered inbetween those points"
Or something like that... i dont really go to class often &gt.&gt but i did that day and the last thing i want to hear any teacher say "especially big burly guys" is talk about how he isn't 100% straight because he participated in circle-jerking *palmface*


O.o... Awkward... Lol I agree with the point that no one is 100% anything. I have had mild attractions to males over the years...


Yeah... but because he said it and curses even with his children around. We all respect him. I'm good with these mental block things so it doesn't entirely disturb me.
I find some men very attractive but i'd rather be asexual then actually get with one.