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[Erotica] Titled: Master, Bait Me! - Writers Nook

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its raining outside and i had nothing else better to do. i wanted to watch some porn but i wasnt in a "porn-watching" mood. nothing in the fridge, at least nothing i wanted to eat. i had just changed into some shorts and a tank top. i had my hair down to air dry. my curly black locs were still dripping wet, sticking to my shoulders and breasts, when i sat back down on the couch. like my mind was being read, my friend, Emily, decided to give me a call. I had to wait until the 3rd ring so I didnt look like i was waiting on her call. we talked for a little bit while i was flipping through the tv channels. for some reason, her voice had that "fuck me now" tone. this phone call was about to get interesting. while she rambled on about her day and her girl problems, i flipped to a flick and turn up the volume a bit. i nodded and uh huh'd. my nipples were already hard so i started to caress them. i could tell she heard my little moans because she would pause every so often. i could feel my pussy soaking my lace panties with every small circle drawn on my breasts. i must have been out of it because emily asked me was i wet and i actually answered.

when i realized what was going on, i stopped. she told me not to be shy and to keep going. "Does it feel good?" she sounded like a sex operator but it made things better. "yes mami. i need you over here." "things are fine the way they are." so it looked like phone sex was the only option. she told me to take off my shirt and bottoms. i told her i had but i didnt feel like putting the phone down and breaking my concentration. she was still talking but her words were jumbled. "Are you touching your clit?" i heard that. "no..." "so what are you waiting for?" i slid my hand down my shorts and automatically felt the warm and juices flowing through and out of my pussy. no more words were being spoken, only noises of ecstasy. i was rubbing my clit slowly when i heard a knock and the door. it shocked me and knocked me out of my zone. i told her to hold on but she didnt answer. i opened the door and guess who it was? Emily, in a trenchcoat and one hand in between two of the buttons. she walked in and closed the door. removed her coat revealing her soft caramel skin. her DD cup breasts teased me, knowing what would i happen next. i walked up to her to kiss her but i was rejected. she told me this was still phone sex, with a twist.

she turned off the tv and told me to sit on the floor with my eyes closed. before i could sit down, she pulled my shorts down and made me step out of them. i sat down on the floor, closed my eyes and did everything she told me to do. i was told to pick the phone back up and put it to my ear. i could hear her moaning through the phone. i wanted to get up and touch her but i couldnt. she'd smack me, i'd like it, but she'd do it. she told me to rub my clit faster, so i did. it felt soooo good, i wish she could be the one playing with me. my moans got louder and all i could hear was her heavy breathing and her native tongue. "imagine me between your legs, teasing your soaked pussy with the tip of my tongue. can you feel that mami?" "damn. yes baby, go faster." "no mami. be patient. i was your juices to drip on my tongue and reach each of my tastebuds. can my tongue go deep baby?" "anything you want." "then stick those fingers deep and let me hear how wet that pussy is." without hesitation, i slide my two middle fingers in my forbidden fruit and worked it slowly. she told me to go deeper. by then, i wanted to scream and tell her to fuck me long and hard. the more my pussy dripped, the louder she moaned. the louder she moaned, the harder she breathed. i was so close to squirting but i tried to hold it. she told me not to hold it. i rubbed my g-spot faster and arched my back. before i knew it, a clear stream of cum had been splashed on her stomach and thighs. i laid on the floor rubbing my clit and ready for more. when she told me was about to cum, it motivated me to go again. no hesitations, and faster than before, i taunted my g-spot with my two fingers, making it more sensitive than the last. she yelled out my name and rubbed her clit in a uncontrollable fashion. i realized another stream of cum, a lot more than the first and watched as she came so hard, her body shook violently. she still wouldnt let me touch her. "did you enjoy yourself mami?" "yes i did hunnie. what now?" "you're going to wake up." "huh?" i blinked once and i was sitting on the floor, fully clothed, watching finding nemo. my phone rang, it was Emily. "where you just at my house?" "no! where you at mine?" "no! Em, i just had the craziest dream. you were here and we had...." "phone sex with a twist?" "yea how did you know?" "i had the same dream." "maybe its a sign." "maybe it is." "so when are you coming over, hunnie?" "how soon can you get naked?" you all know the answer to that one!


WOW Erotica mami for real


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