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Attention all lesbians that enjoy erotic love sceens. Your opinion is welcome. - Writers Nook

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This is a sceen from my new novel.

I watched as she worked her tongue around my breast and down, running it over the muscles in my stomach. She nibbled. licked and kissed her way back up my body.
She stepped back and I watched as she slid the straps from her tan freckled sholders. It fluttered to the floor around her ankles. She stepped out of it and pushed it to the side. Her breast were just as I imagined. Firm, round with soft pink nipples.
She stood before me in black silk panties and black stockings.
She looked at me as if she were asking for approval. My heart leaped when she stepped forward, and with a slight push of her index finger, I fell back on the bed. I watched as she climbed on top of me, straddling my hips. As she lend forward towards my lips, she threw her brown silky hair back. This sent a throbing sensation throughout my body.
Finally our lips met. I felt her tongue slowly slid into my mouth in such a seductive manner. Gently she sucked on my tongue and lower lip.
I felt her hands as they worked the buttons on my pants. She slid them off with ease. She began kissing and running her tongue along the top of my hips. I closed my eyes as I was being taken into a world of extacy by a complete stranger. Her mouth explored my body. Finally I could take no more. I had to have her, taste her. The passion I felt growing inside me began to take over.
I rolled her over and lowered my body on hers. Feeling her skin so warm and soft. I kissed her harder this time. I could taste the sweet wine that lingered. My body began to shake from pure desire. My breathing was heavy.
I pushed her head to the side, and began kissing and tasting her sweet perfume'. I slowly but passionatly worked my way down to her sholder. I gave her a soft bit and she let out a mown, and her back arched. She held my head in her hands as i worked her body. Once I reached her panties, i ran my tongue alone the lining.
"Take them off she begged." Without hesitation my hands worked quickly.
Our eyes met, we gazed at each other. I sat up and took one of her legs in my hands. I slowly rolled her stocken down to her ankle, then off. I kissed her small ankle, working my way up her soft tan legs. I let my tongue run gently over the back of her knee. She clutched at the sheets, and soft moans echoed in my ear. As I continued to work my way up her leg, kissing, licking, rubbing, Once i reached her thighs, I ever so gently slid them apart. She was beautiful. I gave her one last look, for I was about to go to a place there was no coming back from.

To be continued.


Wow thats really good


I'm with Edie, continue!
It was good stuff.


Amazing, good luck with the book!


really good but you should spellcheck some of it