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Being different - Lesbian Ladies

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im a picky person, i like girls who are not only attractive to me, but also like the things i like, and open to try them at least.

i met my first proper girlfriend doing the things i like, and its a shame she turned out to be the worst girlfriend ive had (because of loyalty problems, not anything else)

and i want to know if its really that hard to find someone who will like what i like. i find most lesbians are the same as most of society now, the kind that go to clubs and pubs and bars, its really offputting..

its so hard finding lesbians here who im attracted to, let alone ones into anime, furdom, music, games, films, internet things.

basically a nerd lol.


i understand what youre saying, but dont ya think that club goers can enjoy "anime, furdom, music, games, films, internet things" also?


i could be that person hasn't experienced those things. and a lot of people nowadays are really into music and internet stuff. but i am completely absorbed into anime (more manga than anime but whatever) so if i meet anyone, they will know of it even if they don't like it. and likely anime (manga) isn't must but accepting that i do is


Ah.... it depends on their exposures of course. I had to explain to a uni friend about what fanfiction was! XP That was hard!

(We were poking fun between ourselves at a girl sitting down on the floor in Borders as if in a library and reading glorified fanfiction, you know, that stuff that is practically bad fanfiction that you have to pay for!)

Gosh, my ex liked things that I liked (although she was more swayed towards yaoi than yuri stuffs... but we differed SO MUCH in terms of society. She saw the good while I didn't for ambiguous stuff like old men being creepy & standing much too close to you... pity she was the betrayer & break up instigator...) Sorry, bitter moment there.

I'll bet there are plenty of club/bar/public party goers who also love "nerdy" stuff. People are all very mixed in their interests after all. Keep the hope that we'll all experience that awesome film moment of seeing the person that we're meant to be with. XP


maybe so, i dont enjoy clubbing at all, ive been put off going a few times.. and in the bars themselves most of the lesbians, although they are nice, tend to exclude the new person so much.. so im rather bitter towards meeting people in the generic club/pub scene. i would go to anime/manga nerdy places, but unfortunately the only place in my town for such things has gone now. but most of my relationships happened online, as was with my ex. but she was too immature for anything of a relationship, which is a real waste as she was perfect for me otherwise, i dont understand the point in having fun instead of a relationship. i thought the point of a relationship is to be with someone you feel you match well with and WANT TO STAY WITH.. not someone to pass the time like a stepping stone. i dont know what people in todays society want, maybe im just old fashioned now, maybe theres no such truth behind being faithful to someone, theres too many liars out there, you cant trust even the one you marry anymore.

i hate society now. i wish cheating came with official punishment. but i guess that would be facist of me.


charlie, i couldn't agree more with you! both about bar scenes and relationships. i just had a super long discussion about this with my roommate, about why on earth people get into a relationship when they know they're going to end it. i just don't see the point. i dunno. i'm big on loyalty and trust, cause i think those two things are what make relationships so awesome.

about the bar scene... i only go with a big group of friends for a special occasion, but not to meet people - just to dance and have a good time. however, i don't drink, so that may have a lot to do with it... these days i find people have a hard time going out and having fun without alcohol. i'm not against drinking, its just a choice i've made, and it totally doesn't other me when my friends do it. its just when people don't know how to have a good time without alcohol is when it bothers me. IMO they should have dry clubs. haha... that would go nowhere fast... anyways a girl can dream. :P


Mm, you do seem to need a group of friends to introduce you to the club scene, I admit. And yeah, not much of a club person myself, by myself. It's sad, cause I've been told several times that you need to drink at least one glass of something in the social scene.... Beer tastes bad, but it's the cheapest.... Nup, can't drink it! Iambic (fruit flavoured) beer, now that I can swallow.
I would like a club that serves only sugary drinks and then we'd all get high instead of drunk!

Ah, and I had thought that fun was what you had with the person that you connected with! But hm. Apparently not....

And omg, wow! It's nice to see other people share the faithful factor here! It makes me feel better.


yeah well i drink rarely, im emetophobic so if i start to feel ill i stop immediately, i never get drunk cause most drinks taste gross to me. the sweetest alcoholic drink i know of is archers/peach schnapps and lemonade.. really tasty.

i just dont like going to clubs in general, what with all the slutty dressup people wear, and drunk strangers is a put off, jumping around to music which i think is crap! spending money to do so.. and its hard to talk anyway in a place so loud, cant even get a hello heard.

a nice quiet hookup cafe is a better idea. i rather have a first impression with someone who isnt drunk enough to make-out with a toilet seat.


I feel like such a shut in compared to everyone else O_o I dont drink, smoke, go to bars/clubs/pubs. When I go out its usually to the movies, bookstore, or just shopping in general. But my friends go out all the time to raves and such and they still like the same things i do including anime, games, music... i'm just gonna shut up now...

I. AM. NOT. A. NERD. T_T i lie... i am *shame* OH LOOK!! A BIRD! *disappears til friday*


"i dont understand the point in having fun instead of a relationship. i thought the point of a relationship is to be with someone you feel you match well with and WANT TO STAY WITH.. not someone to pass the time like a stepping stone."
i COULDNT agree more!!


Mm, clubs don't tend to play music I like. And yeah, drunk people get grabby, and you don't even know where they suddenly popped up from! And yeah, can't really talk in clubs. How true. Drinking alcohol is a very occasional thing for people who get red easily *coughmecough* I get teased (nicely of course) about it. Then I go more red cause I go red easily.

Oh, and I've never been one for the pretty cocktail dresses, so I don't think I ever fit in with the clothes style of club/bar goers either.... Anyone else have that problem?

Smoking is so not cool, I don't see how people get hooked on it in the first place. It stinks. But that's just me.

I wanna go to a concert! And I wanna go to a con! I've only been to one musical.


i only been to a club a couple of times and i always wear some type of blue jeans and a t-shirt. and on the special occasions a blouse lol