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I'm bored now... posted everywhere i cared too and with no one on/up to talk to. I fear i've lost all hope in humanity... Q_Q goodbye world!!!

Ok, seriously. I'm sleep deprived and theres only so many things on the "To do list of boredom" I can accomplish.

SO! visit my profile! get my phone number and text me!

First person to text me get a nice big cookie! with frosting and sprinkles. And if you don't like cookies i'll give you a carrot! Xb


Sweetheart it seems like yyou need a longer "To do list of Boredom," lol. But hey Im up so if you wanna chat just send me a messesge k. ANd I will try to help you make that boredom list a little longer lol.


After i posted da first one went on to read 2 hours worth of ecchi things and by then end... all i can do is laugh!


I am here to chat too just send me an email.


carrots aren't that bad XD cook carrots maybe but raw or partly cooked one are good