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has this ever happened to you? - Lesbian Ladies

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I have a myspace

and i got an email on my blackberry notifying me that i have a new message from this guy, Aaron.

i go in my inbox and the message reads
"Hey whats up? you are gorgeous by the way ..

I'd let you stand on me
and kick me in the balls with your high heels on, i'd think its fun for a female as beautiful as yourself to over power me like that ..

would you try it to me if i asked? ..

and im Aaron by the way"

WTF? ahahahaha omgosh..
when i read that i was so uncomfortable
i messaged him back saying

"flattered much but im lesbian and i have a girlfriend"

he never message back

i dont look any way shape or form gay or look like i have any interest in women X]]


looool ive heaard worst weird messages, the whole weird male domination thing,i still dont get it, and some guy was begging me to kick him in the balls, he wanted to pay me weirdo