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Is there anyone who is interested in married women or a couple? - Bi Bi Bi Women

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Hello ladies,

I'm familiar with this site, had it for a couple of months, just really haven't posted anything yet til now. Anyways, I find it hard to find women who are interested in a married woman or a couple. Ya know as far as friendship, a friends with benefits, a relationship with the couple. A friend to hang out with, do things with, adult fun, or just whatever! We are open to any type of relationship. We aren't on here for a one night stand. We have never allowed a woman to join us for any type of relationship. We have thought about it, and are willing to give it a try b/c we both like to try new things. He has never been with another woman before besides me. I know it's hard to believe but it is the total truth. I have only been with one woman before, and it has been more than a year ago. I really miss being with a woman, being able to connect n share things together. I do believe that when two women are together they bond better.

I would really like to find a woman who is interested in married women or a couple. I can go solo with the female without my hubby present. I'm also willing to share my hubby with another woman as long as I'm there and/or
involved. I'm bisexual female. He knows I'm into women and he is cool with


I'm really sorry we don't live in the same area, because I'd be very interested. Too bad it can't work out. Hang in there; someone will come through for you! :-)


Sorry too, that I don´t live in your neightbourhood. I have very good experiences with having a married woman (and couple) as friends both personaly and sexually


I too would be interested. but Alas, I do not live in your area.


I think one the biggest cahllenges is that both of the couple really need to be comfortable enough in their own skin to handle any relationship twists that may ocure. Not that the will, just being prepared enough ahead of time to be adults IF... We are human, and sometimes that sucks to lol.

to bad I didn't live in the neighbor hood
little bit far from Maui, but if I were there... =D


hey, same feelings as the others. i'm sorry i don't live closer! i'm looking for the exact same thing.


I'm in a similar situation! the funny part is that my hubby is gay!
He is looking for a gay guy too!

I thought I was the only one looking for this kind of relationship,
I guess I'm not alone!!


i want about the same thing, but i am asking that we be poly. i call it a circle relationship. doesn't mean that the woman has to fully commit herself, but if she were to decide that she wanted commitment from us~something could deffinently be worked out~lol! anyway good luck and if there are any ladies around Iowa, WE are interested

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