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Are lesbian relationships are always harder then straight relationships??? - Lesbian Ladies

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I find in the relationship im in atm
that things seem to go really wrong
but in the end things get sorted for atleast 2 hours and theres another arguement kicking off
but then again i find that i still love her
Hormones attack hormones dontcha think?

Are lesbian relationships are always harder then straight relationships???


I don't really know to be honest, I've only ever really been in a relationship with a woman once and it was really short. And the guys I've been with always seem to do something to screw it up. I think that in some ways its harder with guys because they don't really understand u as much as another woman but with women u have the whole hormonal thing and psp like u said, which can just set eachother off. I think they are mostly equal for the actual relationship stuff but woman on woman is definately harder in the outside world cos u have tonnes of people with stupid prejudices. But if u find the right person, I think its easier to deal with.


It depends on the person. Personally, having dated both, I find that women can be more complicated but are worth it in most cases because of the connection. Guys are way to easy to read, in other words, fucking boring.


lol peoples veiws on all of it is quite good tbh
i mean i myself do think lebian relationships are harder
in many different ways
The hormones first of can clash like no tumora
the whole homophobic said
the bitchyness
THE PERIODS :| thats a bad crackk

Just that my girlfriend is wanting to keep us secret from her friends and family
and she is the one who turned around and mentioned the whole its a harder relationship then being straight
i jsut wanted veiws onnit lol


i dont think lesbian relationships are harder. i think that it depends on the people who are in the relationship. one of my best friends is straight nd we both go through the same things in relationships. for a while, we had what we called the dry spell. every relationship for 3 years that we were in didnt last past the month mark. it was always the same thing. our personalities didnt match. that whats its about. if you find someone who you have just as many likes as differences, things will balance themselves out. my fiance is my complete opposite. we like a lot of the same things but in personality, we're opposite. shes more shy and quiet and im outspoken. we love each other for who we are and dont try to change one another. she calms me down when i need it and i help her speak out when she needs it. thats how a good relationship should be. helping the other out where they lack but never holding it against them.


I think my wife and I have a great relationship. we go thru some dry spells to, which make it complicated but we love each other and we are totally opposite. Im more open shes more timid. I think it is about the same not harder and not easy. you must respect and love each other and offer love and compassion even when u dont need it. women need it.


that is a myth and totally not true it all depends on you and the person your with that is all she wrote =3


I think any relationship whether its straight or gay is gonna have it's problems....the thing you gotta ask yourself is if the person you're with is worth all the hard times....cuz you gotta get thru the hard times to realize just how wonderful the good times are....


One of my best friends comes from an extremely christian family, and she went from denial, to meeting someone, to finally now coming out to her family.
I think that if you're in a relationship with someone who want to keep their identity hidden from their family, well, then that's the factor, not the fact that it's a lesbian relationship. My friend is doing okay right now, she's still having some issues integrating her family back into her personal life, but if you are with someone not ready to come out yet, the best thing is patience and lot's of it.
If you are the one, things will eventually get there, but the best thing for you to do is to support her as best you can until she's ready to deal with it all.
Don't push too hard, but don't let her stay hidden either.
That will for sure always be an issue for you guys.
Other than that, I think all relationships is hard work. If it's worth it, stay and fight. If not, you better get out before it gets too serious.

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