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What should i do - Lesbian Ladies

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Found myself trying to be with a gurl that she says is bi i feel like thigs are not going to work. i know thatshe still looks and test the waters because shes one of them type of gurls. someone told me that she might be messing with this nigga thats her so called cuz, so what should i do fuck her up or just leave her azz. i need a new gurl no matter how it turns out? so who wants to be my girl.


Unless you can turn her out, and shes worth all the work, leave her. P.s. don't dont go looking for someone when the time is right theyll find you.


Bisexuals are always harder to be with i surpose
its what im in atm
3 years and she stills wants a lil getcha ther lads kinda thing
But tbh
if you love her? or your feelings are that strong that you are sticking by her
keep going
and hopefully in time she will relise how good you are to her, and stick around
and the end of the day nobody could treat her aswell as you seem to be atm =]


she isnt worth your time. i was in the same position about a couple years ago and she would just flirt with this guy in school. she told me she was lesbian but i knew that was such bullshit. soo i left her ass. lol

if you trust her then just leave it alone. dont trip about it.
if not, well, sometimes you have put your feelings aside and remember what you deserve


She's not worth it. Bi sexual girls are usually hard to be with and from personal experience most aren't worth it. From what you've stated about her, you deserve better and when the time is right, a girl will come along one day.