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Love can Never Be Wrong - Poetry Group

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Trapted in my own body
Raped by my emotions
My wrist is split
My blood constantly drips
Hated by my sexuality
Without them knowing me entirely
I kiss a female on her lips
It adds an other split to my wrist
My love is blind and tender
Because in my eyes I see no gender
I rock the rainbow belt
I dont push my pride aside
Society will never contol me I rather die
They think I'm confused
Stuck in a faze
They feel as if I need to pray
They think Im going to burn in hell
that people like me
shouldn't get married
Im lesiban/gay/bi
So I shouldn't be able to live in the sky
after I die
they call me a fag
give me the stares
but Im quiet to fight back
they think I wont dare
Judging me
telling me I have sin
they're going around killing and beating
those who are Different
dont come to me saying it's good
it's work of the devil
let us be
Only God can judge me
I'll live my life the way I choose
Never will I ever let them put me down
I stay in silence so my voice is heard
no need for homophiba
no need for gender and color to matter
it's based on love
the love that was given to us from above
I may be young
but my words are strong
Love can Never Be Wrong

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