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All I Need Is You - Poetry Group

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When I see your eyes, even through a photo
You're still you.
When I see your smile, even if it's xerox
You're still you.
You still let me hold you,
squeeze you, cuddle close to me.
You let me be open
Be mindless, and talented
yet free.
You make me me on the days I wanna be....
someone else.
You make me me, and in some small way
Dear God, I hope I make you you.
You remind me that I'm smart
Every time I feel so dumb.
You remind me that I'm crazy
even when I feel completely sane.
You give me those pearlescent wings,
that shape shift and make me soar.
You are my love, my one, my true.
Somedays are going to be hard.
This I know for fact.
But I know that no matter what happens to us
I'm always comin' back.
Give me your most diplomatic answer,
no automatic, please.
If I give you this piece of twine and hope,
Will you be forever with me?
I could care less what happens in the long haul
Babe, all I need is you.

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