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Masterbation? - Bi Bi Bi Women

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I'm not religious (hope you don't mind me answering because of it. If so just let me know) so naturally my answer is a big fat resounding no. Plus it's awesome, part of natural urges, and you can learn so much from it. Why should that be a sin?


You mean *Masturbation?

Wouldn't this be something that you should ask your priest or whatever?

I don't see why it should be a sin, but I understand why the people who made a religion back in the day would say it is: they wouldn't want people to masturbate because they would want all their sexual urges (and fluids, and acts) to go into the production of people, to pro-generate humankind (to baby-making). This, of course, is a practical concern turned into religious doctrine so people would follow it (like many things). But, nowadays, we are overpopulated, so there really is no need. Back then it was for their own good, and people follow it now still because it is doctrine- they simply call it "wrong", instead of recognizing it's true origins. ::sigh:: people...

In conclusion, I say: Masturbate to your twat's content!


If someone is religious they believe that God knows everything you do, and so it doesn't matter if no one is there to see you sin, because God knows anyway.

My point is that it would have been stated that it was a sin by people for purely practical reasons, which don't apply now. If there is a God, I doubt he/she would give a shit if you masturbate, he/she would have more important things to worry about.


Only if you decide it is.


I would have to agree with Carolyn, a "sin" is not necessarily also "wrong." Also, who decides what is a sin and what is socially and ethically wrong? If there is a God, I don't think she'd mind if you masturbate - "masturbate to your twat's content!"