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Favourite On-Screen Lesbian Couples? - Lesbian Ladies

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It can be difficult to find a film or television show that stars a lesbian couple, who are treated respectfully and not just for the purpose of getting ratings from the male viewer population. I have to say that my favourite is the Willow + Tara relationship from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and even though it was short, the lesbian couple in the film V for Vendetta. I think both of these relationships were inspiring and real, and I am wondering who your favourite on-screen couples are?


I love callie and arizona on greys anatomy...they are so cute...of course i love the L Word and all of them...sad its over


DEFINATLEY shane and carmen from the L word! =]


I grew to love Bette &Tina even though I loved Jodi (Marlee Matlin is awesome!)
Alice & Dana makes me waaaaaay too sad.

Luce & Rachel! They are my favourite I think!

And how awesome are Cathy De Buono and Jill Bennett, dating for real?


lol i just loved Carmen lol
but hmm Xena and Gabrielle LOL i know i know but i guess since i grew up watching her cant get enough of it and will always be my fav couple


I'd forgotten all about the lesbian couple in V for Vendetta, but now that I was reminded, that may just be one of my favorite stories.


shane and carmen were the best. They just had this chemestry that could not be stoped