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This is what I think of us Just a reminder of how it feels inside.

I wake in the mornin thinkin of you I check my phone, no missed calls no messages i think i'll lay in the dark for a minute or two.
A few minutes pass damn it may have been hours, Its sprinkling outside wit a high chance of showers.
I walk around in a daze all afternoon, so wen nite falls I just wait for the moon.
As the moon rises high in the sky I stare out my window wanting to cry.
I haven't heard your voice or your silly little laugh, or even I luv u all day.
Is my phone working I pick it up, yep its fine nuthins wrong on my end everythings ok.
Why do I sit here and miss you all day, wen u wont even call jus to say hey.
Damnit im so in love wit yo ass, and at the same time i cant stand yo ass.
Hate that I love you, Hate that I want you, I hate that i feel like I need you my love.
Its very unhealthy for me to feel this way, thinking and wanting you everyday.
Now its almost bedtime and the phone begins to ring, first call restricted i know thats its you.
You say how you doin and that you missin me boo.
You talk like we shouldnt have problems and that you havent called allday.
Then you chat about work like everythings just ok.
You hang up in my face for no reason at all, and say you know i do that to everyone i call.
You dont understand how you make a person feel inside, like you dont really care that I coulda died.
Who are you to decide how my life turns out and how it will end, maybe fate should take ova and we should jus be friends.
I go to bed of course thinkin of you jus like wen I wake up neva changes always the same.
My dreams are filled with happiness of wat I wished to be, Holding each other loving each other just you and me.
Other times my dreams are took over with nightmares so scary and true.
Us far apart Fighting and fussin walkin away without you.
So when I wake up screaming at night its all your fault your the reason why it hurts so bad to breath everyday.
You used to be my reason for living now your my reason for hurting so bad that I wanna go way.
So I leave you this my letter my poem but inclosed with it is a very big piece of my heart that i can neva get back.
I love you my primcess my love my life But I cant do this anymore.
I cant hurt for you and get nothing in return.
Goodbye my Love.

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