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since im new i will post something up for all to see.... - Writers Nook

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when you mind forgets to consider you heart

what is heartache?..............its the chaotic process of sweet memories transforming into a slow torment. what once was extacy is now an angony that eats at you each day. cherished kisses are now bombs aimed at your soul. Ripping chills engulf your body, but that feeling is a relief compared to what is instilled in your chest. with the weight of each tear spilling out of your eyes and burning a salty path down your cheek, it's too much to hold back. a break down teters on your emotions and dances with your mind. that sharp hollow pain resides endlessly beside your heart waiting for the memory of her to be triggered. and when your mind forgets to consider your heart, you reminese; you remember how it used to be. the flashbacks still stamped on your mind begin to penetrate what she left of your soul and the hollowness of heartache is awakened. the pain is engraved in your heart; its always a part of you. it may soften and dwindle but a heartache is forever.


my dear sweet friend

poetry is my dear sweet friend
like a lover lost and come back again
like a lover lost never to return
but inside my head my thoughts seem to steadily burn
so i hold the one thing i have left of her, this pillow i cling to so tightly
as i drift to sleep her sent still lingers ever so slightly
so i hold this treasure; i grasp it against my breast
because the peices of my broken heart still beat for her deep inside my chest
she is my one; for her my love still runs strong
this i tell myself because i am afraid to move on
afraid to lose what is already gone, but most of all afraid to forget
i didnt love her, i loved the beautifuly flawed idea of her, this i humbly admit
and still poetry is my dear sweet friend
like a lover lost never to come back again
and like the truth that finally spills from my hand to this page
i wonder if ever i will be able to let my heart out of this god foresaken cage
as the truth comes to life and my words eagerly flow
victory is mine as soon as i convince my heart to let go
yes, poetry is still my dear sweet friend
like a love yet to be found and eager to begin.

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