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i never had my first time with a girl


me to!!! i have been with girls b4 tho but they never let me do anything to them sooo i lucked out but i want to 2!!! :-)


I never been with a girl either. I mean I always new I liked girls too not just guys, but I never really hit it off with any of the gurls at school. I had one girlfriend and we were friends before deciding to take that step. It didn't really work out for us and I think its because we were better off as friends from the start. After that I was in 2 long relationships which lead to the birth of my son, Cordel and well I can't help but feel like there is apart of me that i never quite got to explore. Maybe that is why I've had such bad luck with love, maybe I was lookin for it in the wrong places. That is why I started a page with gays.com I'm hoping I will find a nice gurl who I can really make a connection with and build with over time. What do you gurls think?


i've always had that nagging in the back of my head... things are going so well with my boyfriend but he just doesn't satisfy the way i think a girl would.... especially now that i've kissed my friend that i've had a big crush on for years. i just worry that i'm always going to wonder what it's like to be with a girl and i won't be able to because of my relationship with Max...... =/


Dear Bethany,
I believe you live only once. You should experiment and do what
feels right in your heart. You will never find out what it feels to be
with a girl if you don't try. If Max really loves you, he'll be there for
you always.


Well, my ex gf, who is still my best-friend, and the first girl I have gone all the way with(but still have more that I would like to do w/ a woman) she's Lez, and says that I need t pick a team. lol
I just don't understand this, I want both, a man and a woman. Like the girl above I just want to find a nice girl that I can take care of and who will take care of me, not just sexually but in all aspects. I would like a relationship with a woman, but to still have sex with a man (I think). I am so confused sometimes. HELP!!!


Dear Callie,
Don't pay attention to your ex. I'm a lez but sometimes I like to have sex with my gay hubby. That's doesn't mean I have to pick a team.
Why would you pick a team when you have fun with both? I don't consider my self to be "less lesbian" just because I enjoy sex once in a while with a man. I really don't understand why people try to put others in a box or label. I don't believe in labels or give explanations to others about why I do what I do.

I think that as long as you are happy, you should do what you want. Do what feels right. Don't let anyone tell you who you are or what you should do.