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What one Singaporean pastor says about gays and lesbians - The Gay Christian Network

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Well, the video wasn't there when I looked but the situation itself is rediculous, I would say it has a bit of humor to it. Saying that gay men are just dirty old men that go around molesting little boys would be the same as saying that a man that works construction always smells bad. Just because one construction worker smells bad all the time doesn't mean that all construction workers do. The same goes for gay men, if one gay man molests little boys, that doesn't mean that all gay men are predisposed to molesting little boys. Anyways, I thought the steriotypical generalization was that catholic priests were the ones molesting little boys, lol. (no offense intended) The way that people group certain types of people together when one of them does something wrong is ignorant and really makes no sense. Oh and about the beastiality thing, I really haven't a clue how he made THAT connection, I would say that I commend that pastor for a vivid imagination, and of course take the commendation away from him for not knowing how to keep his theorizing mouth shut until he had actual proof to back up his theorys.

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