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actually, i just got my first kiss with a girl this weekend... it was wonderful... i didn't knw just how soft girls' lips are. =] too bad it probably won't happen again.


A friend of mine wanted to come to my place and play or hang out or what ever, don't remember what we were watching but it started to make us wonder about being with other girls than boys. So we started holding hands, each other, than started kissing. We totally enjoyed ourselves and this lasted a few weeks.
Let me know if you want me to continue. Laters.


I kissed my best friend when I was sixteen. There were three of us and Emily and I kissed first. It was weird (cuz the only other time I'd kissed was when I was in first grade) and I was nervous, but I liked it. Then I kissed Ashley (who was a year older than us and had a tongue ring). It was because of that experience, that I knew all my feelings and crushes on girls were real and I was really bi.

I had sex with a woman for the first time on me and David's honeymoon. We and about six other friends were drinking and we got hotel rooms. One of my good friends (Becky) had sex with her boyfriend the same time we did (and in the same room and on the same bed....). Anyways, then her boyfriend left and we fingered each other (on top of David). I didn't eat her out cuz she was on her period, and she was bleeding so bad, our bodies looked like they were covered with cherry kool-aid! We showered together afterward. Then a month later, or so, we (David, me and Becky) stayed at a friends house and we had another threesome. This time Becky and I ate each other out (we made sure to give David a little more attention that time). Sadly my "wifey" recently moved to Florida.....


well, it's hard to really say my first time. I technically had my first outright sexual experience with my long term and now ex girlfriend -it was awkward, she was uncomfortable, we were on the couch in the family room with my parents sleeping in the next room-. But for what I will consider my first time, it would go back to when I was much younger.. probably 10-12 or so. There was a friend down the street, and sometimes we'd be in my parents' room alone, and we'd let the other lay down on their stomach and give each other massages. It was partly where I first learned about erogenous zones and the beautiful touch of another girl. Then I kind of did the "teenager feeling my sexuality out and being a big idiot" thing where I just kissed about everyone. lol oh yay for life.


hmm.. tha first time i really count being with a girl ( other than kissing wen i was a younger teen being curious and/or drunk ) was with my ex girlfriend.. before her i had only kissed other girls for fun, and hadnt really thought about actually being in a relationship with a girl... but she was determined to win me over from my boyfriend at tha time, an she did just that. anyways... the first time i had sex with her was absolutely amazing =) i got off mannyyy more times than i ever had/have with a guy.. ( hope thats not tmi lol ) i was a lil nervous about this new experience but after being with her for some time and being with other woman theres no nerves going off where they shouldnt be


okay ma first time to say was when i was in middle school lol yess i started off young and never did it stop 8th grade year ma 9th grade summer, never being wit a dude yet, well sexually , i had boyfriends but alwyas looked at the girls, one of my closest friends had a crush on me and came out n just told me, one night i was sleepingover her house wit no one home , just the two of us, we were in her bed kissing and touching and all over eachother, clothes all on at first. then thigs started to get crazy and next thing i know she was just licking me up all over the place. the tingly feelings i had, really didnt know what to do at that point but just try to take it all in. and heyy i cant deny that i loved it, since then ive been wit other girls but mostly straight ones cuz i love the way they go crazy when being touched by a girl for the fist time =] just like i did lol


ok the first time i had ever did anything wit a girl was wen i was about 4 i was molest,
=( but even though i had been touched that did not stop me 4rm gettin me some booty n my freshman year me n my first girlfriend did it @ her house n her bed it was really romantic it was my first time french kissin but she taught me what to do an it was really wierd as much as it was exciting because we had none each other 4 a while!@ first we were jst friends but then we started likeing one another and well ya thats how it happen since then i like to just have fun and where eva it goes it goes!


my real first time with a female...i was 14 she was 13 i met her at the start of that summer we had such a connection!! she, my mom, and i went to the movies when we got back my mom went out with friends i lied to my mom saying that my friends aunt was asleep when we knocked on the door. that night we started with kissing and touching and went straight to exploring eachother naked she was the first girl to ever make me orgasm. when the summer was over she went back to south carolina : ( .......i still think about her from time to time we were more then bestfriends