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lesbian drama a.k.a. dyke drama - Lesbian Ladies

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why is it always the inevitable? seriously i think lesbians have the most drama when it comes to relationships. i know i do.

share some of your stories if you agree with me =]


idk ive never had to deal with 'dyke drama' only drama i had with girls is when i 'turn a girl bi or les' and their bfs hate me hahaha


Well sure girls have the most "drama" together. We actually listen to each other and like to talk. Unlike guys, who want nothing to do with that stuff haha. Im in the best relationship of my life so far.. but it didnt come easy. There was a lot of fighting in the beginning (mostly cuz we were figuring each other out, then had to deal with what we learned) and it was difficult.. as all relationships are at that stage. The idea is, can you understand each others differences and move up from there? Can you really commit and work on things for the better? Straight or gay relationships? Completely irrelevant - All relationships have problems one way or another 8) -T


Girls certainly know how to hurt other girls.... we all know how to get under eachothers skin and cause the most pain and drama.

Just like Toni I went through the same with my partner.


only if you let wat they say get to you like that. if i really love someone, and i know she love me, i dont let one arguement hurt me, and definately not alter my feeling towards her cause like shawty said, all relationships have bumpy spots......


I'm not a fan of Dyke Drama, infact when i see it out on the scene, i avoid it and not want any part of it. However i once dated a girl who seemed to love it, not only be around of it, but to be a part of it. We didn't have a close relationship as you can imagine.

Anyways it got to the point where she got fed up with me as i wouldnt react to her games, challenge her beliefs and i never raised my voice to her. She got annoyed the everything appeared perfect, so she decided to have an affair and rub it in my face. Well me being me, i didn't blow up, i just sat on it and waited for the perfect time for revenge. What can i say, sometimes you have to break the rules and cause drama. Anyways she ended up going away for two weeks on holiday with this other bird, so i took my revenge. as soon as she left i packed my things, called the talking clock in austrilla since the phone bill was in her name, and left it. So when she got back i was no where to be seen and she had a huge massive phone bill.


I agree with you Toni. No matter what relationship you get into theirs going to be some rough patches, its just a matter of learning from each other. and Sarah your revenge story is priceless lol I hope you ended up with someone better.