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Strip Clubs? - Bi Bi Bi Women

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When I was coming out I decided the real way to tell if this was just a fling/fad/phase for me or not was to go to a strip club. If I have a woman trying to give me all she's got for a dollar and i'm having fun then maybe I should look into a girlfriend :P

I went to this place called Elains in Danbury, midday, midweek. I wanted to go and be "alone" with the girls and not have to worry about other men grabbing at MY ass or harrassing ME while i'm trying to sort out my own sexual identity. I was nervous as hell but also beyond excited. I hung out at the bar having a quiet drink watching the few girls milling around to the sparce crowd. There was a constant mild show going on behind the bar which I was hypnotised by. After I was relaxed and clearly enjoying myself, Adam bought me a lap dance. This girl was so cool. She was clearly having fun with me and gave off the vibe that she enjoyed her job. (I was horrified that I was going to see underage moms who hate life but shake it for a buck.) I ended up spending $80 bucks on her and think i got 3 back to back dances.

So yeah I'm mildly hooked on strip clubs as a once and a while thrill. What about you?


I usually go to clubs that have go-go dancers. I enjoy it a lot.
Too bad you can't take any of those girls home lol


I love going to strip clubs. The girls always give you extra attention if you're a girl. During private dances they'll also let girls touch them and won't even allow a guy to do that. Yeah, I often wish I could take them home as well...I've tried but no success yet.


mm..strippers...ugh I have yet to go to female strippers, but I did go to a private strip show, man guys with muscles are so hott *drools* one guy even attempted to wrap a towel around his bdick and it feel off, nice sized junk, although I got one lap dance it didn't really turn me on...a girl dancing in my lap though hmmm I think I might be way more turned on....


I always felt uncomfortable around male strippers. I love my boyfriend, I love sex with men... but watching even a hot guy thrusting at me... i dunno. Doesn't do it for me.

Even a hot chick walking by on the street has more of an effect for me :P


*stiffles a dark laugh* oh man I have really bad issues with going into star 80 theres always a hot chick in there working, and if Pat's with me he tries not to laugh at me because he knows I can't help it i am practically drooling...not to mention sey sey Jolene at Walkers, esp on goth night...she's always wearing a corset 8drools and gets lost in a sexual fantacy*............................................
man she is so hot and again Pat just shakes his head and laughs at me...Jolene has these big boobies aqnd they always look like they are going to fall out of her corset I dream of just sticking my face between those boobies (hmm and I wonder where Raven gets his booby fetish from he is so going to get me into trouble -Raven is only 3) it doesnt help when a chick leans down and has a low cut shirt on Raven just stares...he really like boobies and hes already a ladies man, with his big colour chaning eyes (you can tell his mood from his eyes!!)...BooooooOOOOOOOOOOOoobies!! *runs away and hides fantacing about boobies and hot chicks*


As a girl that was a stripper for three years and just recently quit dancing, I would say that's just about the worst place you could sort out your "sexual feelings"
No matter what, the girl is always there for one reason, to make money. Even if I had female customers I was into, it was always an act. You never get the 100% truth from a stripper. Ever.
Spend your money, have fun, but realize it's not serious. Both you and the dancer are just there for temporary fun. Be realistic about it and you can have a good time without getting hurt.


doesnt know of any stip clubs in perth. or any good gay clubs around here either